基礎英語1 2019/2/6 L183 It’s made of bread!
6 水 L183 料理が完成!
-What can I do?

So, Who can tell us about this?
I can. It’s the “International Lunch Box.”
Mmm. It’s tasty, but is it creative?
Look at the box.
Huh? Oh!
It’s made of bread!
Ahem. You can eat the box, too!
That’s very creative!

who can -? だれが〜できますか?
tell us about -,  〜についてわたしたちに教える
international 国際的な、国際色豊かな
lunch box 弁当、弁当箱
tasty 美味しい
creative 独創的な
is made of – , 〜でできている、で作られている、
bread パン
judge 審査員

Oh, wow! Bento box is made of bread. That’s original.
Yeah, so creative. I want to taste it.

You can eat the box, too!

Who can tell us about this?

Who can answer this question?
Who can help Ms. Ueda?

1). だれが奈美を手伝えますか?
2). だれがタマに電話できますか? call Tama
-be made of –
It’s made of bread!材料や材質など

This box is made of paper.
This spoon is made of silver.
-be made from – 原料
Wine is made from grapes. ワインはブドウから
Butter is made from milk. バターはミルクから

Who can tell us about this?

» 解答を見る

1). Who can help Nami?
2). Who can call Tama?

» 隠す

gold, silver, copper
銅メダルの場合は青銅なのでブロンズです bronze



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