基礎英語1 2019/3/13 L208

基礎英語1 2019/3/13 L208
13 水 L208 アーロンの気持ち
-I’m going abroad next term.

But.. you spend so much time with Mia.
We’re just friends. My only love is soccer.
Yep. You should ask her out!
What ?! I, um, Are you going to come to the farewell party?
Yeah. It’s on Sunday, right?
Yep! see you there!

spend (時間などを)過ごす
so much time とても多くの時間, so many books
only 唯一の
love 恋人、大好きな相手
should したほうがいい
ask her out 彼女をデートに誘う
farewell party お別れ会
-, right? だよね
Yep = yeah, yup

Ah, Aaron said, “He and Miya are just friends.”
And he said, “You should ask her out.” Shunta got so embarrassed. 困惑、戸惑って

My only love is soccer.

Are you going to come to the farewell party?

Are they going to enter the next contest?
Is Kenny going to help his family today?

1). きみはあした、テストがあるの?
2). 彼女はもうすぐここに来る予定ですか?

1). ジョンは、あしたは学校に来る予定ではありません。
John is not going to come to school tomorrow.
2). わたしたちは、来週はいそがしくありません。
We’re not going to be busy next week.

Are you going to come to the farewell party?

» 解答を見る

1). Are you going to have a test tomorrow?
2). Is she going to come here soon?

» 隠す

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