基礎英語1 夏の特別編

基礎英語1 夏の特別編

2021/8/9 L46 取材旅行に出かける
Have a nice trip, guys.
Thanks, Joe!
Yeah… thanks.
It’s time to go, Shin. Which is your bag?
Huh? Oh, here.
Come on, everyone!
See you, Joe!
Hey, where’s my bag?

2021/8/10 L47 L47 カバンの中は
Whose bag is this? Oh. It’s Shin’s.
What did you say, Shin?
Shin’s… camera?
Shin? Are you there? I can’t see.
Whoa! A talking camera? No way!

say 言う says [sez], said
Whoa! [hwóu]うわー! ドウドウ、止まれ◆馬を止めるときの掛け声
No way! そんなばかな!
Uh-oh. [ʌ́òu] まずい

2021/8/11 L48 心、うろたえる
Honda is the captain. Who wants to interview him?
I do!
Great! Shin, please take photos.
Okay. Wait, my camera!
Oh, that’s Joe’s bag.
What? No!
Don’t worry, Shin. I have a camera.

wait 待つ
worry 心配する

2021/8/12 L49 駅にて
My camera…
It’s okay. It’s safe at school.
Hmmm. Which train goes to the stadium?
Platform 3.
Ah, right. Thanks!
It’s nothing. I… like trains.
You’re so smart, Shin.
Really? Uh, thanks!

safe 安全な 名詞では金庫
It’s nothing. どういたしまして(なんてことはありません)。
nothing 何も~ない
smart さえている

2021/8/13 L50 review
Where’s my bag? わたしのカバンはどこですか? (Where is )
What’s that? あれは何ですか? (What is )
When’s your birthday? あなたの誕生日はいつですか? (When is )
Who’s that man? あの男の人はだれですか? ( Who is ) Whoseと発音がいっしょ
How’s it going? 調子はどう? (How is )

2021/8/16 L66 今週末は
I’m going to go to the festival this weekend.
Me, too! Let’s go together.
Great! How about you, Shin?
Oh… I can come, too?
Of course! It’s not a date. Or… is it, Akane?
-words & phrases, check it out
festival お祭り、フェスティバル
weekend 週末, weekday 平日

2021/8/17 L67
7/6 L67 きょうの新聞部の活動はきょうの新聞部の活動は

基礎英語1 2021/7/6 L67 きょうの新聞部の活動はきょうの新聞部の活動は

2021/8/18 L68 お祭り
Are you going to eat that?
No, I’m really full. You can have it.
Really? You’re so nice.
Say something nice to her, Shin!
Uh… you’re… really…
Look! It’s a cute dog!
Oh, no. Not again! Aaaaaaah!
-Second Listening.  Get the point.
Q). あかねは何を見かけましたか?
OK.  Let’s listen to the story again.
Good job.
-words & phrases, check it out
full おなかがいっぱいの
Not again! またか!

基礎英語1 2021/8/19 L69 ジョウ、活躍する
So… what are we going to do next?
Look, Joe! An archery game! I want a prize!
Okay, I’ll try.
Wow! Joe is amazing, huh?
Yeah. He’s the best.
Good job.
-words & phrases, check it out
prize 賞品
bull’s-eye 命中、的中、大当たり
huh? でしょ?

基礎英語1 2021/8/20 L70 review
L70 L66-70 復習
-More Words and Phrases 未来の時を表す表現について
this evening
the day after tomorrow
this weekend
next Monday
next month
next year

2021/8/23 LL76 水族館の中へ
Everyone. You must stay with the group. Don’t get lost.
This place is amazing!
Yeah. It’s like a spaceship!
Shin, take a picture of that!
Wow! What a cool fish! Wait… where is everybody?
-words & phrases, check it out
get lost 迷子になる
place 場所
amazing すごい
like -, ~のような

2021/8/24 L77 心、迷子になる
Excuse me. You mustn’t walk around here alone. Where is your class?
Sorry! I… Joe? Mr. Akamatsu?
Shin? Is that you?
Shin I’m sorry. I got lost.
No problem! Let’s find your group.
-words & phrases, check it out
Excuse me. すみません
mustn’t ~してはいけない。
walk around 歩き回る
alone ひとりで
I travelled alone last month.
class クラスの生徒たち、学級、授業、階級
No problem. 問題ないよ

2021/8/25 L78 心、ジョウのお父さんと話す

2021/8/26 L79 ジュン、新聞部の部員たちと

基礎英語1 2021/7/22 L79 ジュン、新聞部の部員たちと

2021/8/27 L80 review
I was in the newspaper club, too.
Yep! Journalism and science are both about discovery.
I see. Wow! What’s that?
That’s a whale shark.
Can I take a photo?
Okay, but turn off the flash.

both どちらも
turn off ~を消す、切る、とめる turn on
discovery 発見 discover 発見する」の名詞形

-8月第1週 2021/7/26 再放送
基礎英語1 2021/7/26 L21
5/3 L21 手に汗にぎる決勝戦

-Words & Phrases
a close competition 互角の試合
close 接近した
It’s Joe’s turn. ジョウの順番だ。
It’s your turn.
Come on. がんばれ、急げ

基礎英語1 2021/7/27 L22
5/4 L22 ナイスショット!

Hi, everyone.
How’s it going?
Did Joe win the kyudo match?
I hope so.

ahem エヘン (咳払いをする時、人の注意を引く時などの発声)
a lot of – たくさんの~
winning shot ウィニングショット

基礎英語1 2021/7/28 L23
5/5 L23 試合のあとで・・・

Hey, everybody.
Let’s get going.
Joe’s team did it.
Congratulations, Joe.

-check it out
miss はずす、逃す、損なう
I missed the train. 乗り遅れた
(not) either ~もまた(ない)

基礎英語1 2021/7/29 L24
5/6 L24 取材の成果は?

Welcome, everybody.
What’s up?
Shin didn’t miss the shot.
Yeah. He did a great job.

-check it out
have a good time 楽しい時を過ごす
good, wonderful, great, nice
I had a wonderful time.
we’re = we are の短縮形

基礎英語1 2021/7/30 L25
5/7 L25 L21-L24の復習

Way to go!
Good work!
Nice work!

-Questions about the Story
Q1). Did Shin take many pictures?
Q2). Did Joe miss a shot?
Let’s listen to this week’s stories.

2021/8/2 L41 あかねって・・・
Akane wants to be a journalist.
That’s cool. She’s really smart.
Yeah. And kind. And funny.
You really like her, Shin!
No, I don’t! I mean… she’s just a friend!

want to be -, ~になりたい
smart 頭のいい
smart, intelligent, bright, clever, wise
funny おもしろい、ゆかいな

2021/8/3 L42 ジョウはどこ?
Daddy, where’s Joe? Is he at practice?
No. He doesn’t practice kyudo on Tuesdays. He’s at the bookstore.
Aww! I want a book, too!
Okay. Let’s join him there!

bookstore 本屋さん
there そこで

2021/8/4 L43 ジョウ、あかねに心のことをたずねる
Hey, Akane. Does Shin live near the bookstore?
Yes, he does. Why?
I saw him there last night. That’s my favorite store.
Oh, yeah. He loves fantasy novels.
Really? Me, too!

Why? どうして?
last night 昨夜
fatasy novel(s) ファンタジー小説

2021/8/5 L44 ニーナ先生、新聞部の企画を伝える
Our club trip is next week. We’re interviewing the city soccer team!
Where does the team practice?
At the big stadium.
How exciting! Just like real journalists, Shin!
Yeah. Cool.

trip 旅行
How exciting! とてもわくわくする!

2021/8/2 L45 review
-More Words and Phrases
nurse 看護師
researcher 研究者
police officer 警察官
firefighter 消防士
flight attendant 客室乗務員
public service worker 公務員
entertainer 芸能人
voice actor 声優
shop cleark 店員
teacher 教師
doctor 医者
engineer エンジニア
professional athlete プロスポーツ選手