基礎英語1 2019/12/13 L150 review

基礎英語1 2019/12/13 L150 review

Dear Samantha, How are you? It’s really snowy here, so I’m making a big igloo outside. Please come to Kanaecho again sometime. Sincerely, Kanami
Kanami! Let’s finish the igloo!

Is that a letter to Samantha?
Yeah. Oh, an email, from Samantha!
Dear Kanami, Thanks for everything! I’m writing a report about Japan for class. Let’s hang out again next year! Take care, Sam.

Hi, Harry! You are so cool. I really like you. Can we go on date? No, no. It’s all wrong!
What is it, honey?
Love is hard.

What are you writing, Oliver?
A Christmas card for Kanami.
Merry Christmas, Kanami! What presents do you want? I want. hmm. I don’t know.

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