基礎英語2 2020/11/13 R26 review

基礎英語2 2020/11/13 R26 review
Every lobsterman uses different (1) for their buoys to find their traps. Andy’s family’s buoys are red and ( ).
Kaito and Rikuto ( ) up the lobster trap. Then, Kaito ( ) a lobster out of the trap.
At the end of the practice, Coach Parker says, “Keep up the good ( )!” Kaito thinks he will ( ) a little more by himself.
When Kaito is practicing by himself, ( ) comes and talks to him. She says, “You need to take a ( ) sometimes.”
Look more closely at the buoys.
You have to pull harder.
You are doing better than before.
You can play best when you believe in yourselves.
Losing a game is bad, and losing a tournament is worse. However, getting injured is the worst.

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