基礎英語2 2020/6/5 R9 review

基礎英語2 2020/6/5 R9 review
my favorite author お気に入りの作家なの
Kaito and Noah are practicing (1) in the park. It is getting ( ), and the boys are going home soon.
Stephen King, Chloe’s favorite ( ), lives in Maine. A lot of his stories happen in ( ).
Brian is driving Madison, Kaito, and Rikuto to the (3) today. Kaito and Rikuto will buy a ( ) for Chloe.
Kaito and Rikuto will buy a (4) Maine for Chloe. It has ( ) from Stephen King’s books.
Shall we go home soon?
– Yes, let’s.
Shall I lend this book to you?
– Yes, please.

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