基礎英語2 2020/2/14 R36 review

基礎英語2 2020/2/14 R36 review
We finally found you!
1.(残念ながら) わたしはあなた(の意見)に同意できません。
I’m (1,3) agree with you.
How (2,2) a break?
I enjoyed (3,2) you.
4. わたしがこの場所を守るのをやめることは、決してありません。
I will never (4,2) this place. Listen to Geoff and Kim
-Listen to Geoff and Kim
I have to make a cake for a party on Sunday.
How about making it together tomorrow? My kids love making sweets.
Could we do that? I enjoyed making a cake with them for your birthday.
Oh, they loved that. They made a mess in the kitchen.
That’s right. They are so cute. Now I can’t stop laughing.

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