基礎英語2 2020/3/6 L157 review

基礎英語2 2020/3/6 L157 review
This Week’s Target Sentences
Let’s check CAN-DO and Grammar Points.
1. わたしは、あなたにある話をしようと思います。
I think (1,2) tell you a story.
(2) do you think ( ) Prince Jonquil?
It’s time (3,2) back to Japan.
4. あなたには、人に話すすばらしい物語があることでしょう。
You will have a wonderful story (4,2)
-Listen to Geoff and Kim
What do you think about video games, Geoff?
I think I need more time to play some!
Oh, really? Are you a big gamer?
No, but I’d like to be. There’s no time for playing games.
Yeah. We have work to do.

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