基礎英語2 2021/4/9 L10 Review

基礎英語2 2021/4/9 L10 Review
Happy Friday.
The weekend is almost here.
Let’s start.
-This week’s stories. Listen to this week’s stories and answer the questions in English.
Q1). Will Ayane have a banana nut muffin or an apple cinnamon muffin?
Q2). Does Rio think Ayane is ready to meet clients?
Q3). Who is showing Scarlett to the fitting room?
Q4). When did Rio finish the gown for Scarlett Goldheart?
Only Me, Only You
Only I can be me!
I step onto the street.
Everyone turns and looks,
but I dance to my own beat.
My fashion’s my choice
And my smile, too.
So, don’t forget, darling:
Only you can be you!
-Words & Phrases
step onto -, 〜へ踏み出す
dance to -, 〜に合わせて踊る
beat (ジャズやロックの)ビート、強いリズム
choice 選ぶこと 動詞は choose
forget 忘れる

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