基礎英語2 2021/10/15 L115 review

基礎英語2 2021/10/15 L115 review
Happy Friday.
The weekend is almost here.
Let’s start.
-This Week’s Stories
Listen to this week’s stories and answer the questions in English.
-Monday L111
Q1). On Halloween, what can teens do inside the mall?
Q2). Is there a costume contest or a music event at the mall on Halloween?
Q3). Who will make costumes for Brandon and Min-jun?
Q4). At Kiara’s Vintage Shop, Min-jun found a velvet vest, a wool cape, and one more item. What was it?
-Words & Phrases
receive 〜を受け取る
categories (category) 部門、カテゴリー
include 〜を含む
scariest (scary) いちばん悲ろしい
cutest (cute) いちばんかわいい

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