基礎英語2 2021/10/22 L120 Review

基礎英語2 2021/10/22 L120 Review
Happy Friday.
The weekend is almost here.
Let’s start.
-This Week’s Stories
Listen to this week’s stories and answer the questions in English.
-Monday L116
Q1). What did Ayane find for Emma’s costume at a thrift shop?
-Tuesday L117
Q2). Is the costume contest sponsored by a photo studio or a movie theater?
Q3). What is the owner of the mall movie theater going to do at 7 p.m.?
Q4). At first, Ayane can’t go and get their prize on the stage. Why not?
-Words & Phrases
participating in -, 〜に参加すること = take part in
expiration (期限の)満了