基礎英語3-本文 2018-10月-暗記 L81-96
10/1 L81
Sho, how would you like to meet your mother?
Does David know our family’s secret?
Sho? Are you listening?
Uhh…yes! You were talking about this weekend’s rice harvesting tour.
Correct! It is rice planted by our own hands. I’ve never harvested rice before, so I’m really looking forward to it! Let’s go together!
After the tour, we can go to a mushroom party. Mushrooms in season are very good for you. We should always be thankful for the food we eat.
Sho, the phone is ringing.

10/2 L82
Sato residence. Oh, Mr. Tanaka. Wadaiko practice this weekend? OK, sir. I’ll be there. Thank you.
Sho, did you know there are children around the world who can’t eat three meals a day?
I’d like to tell you about my experiences from traveling around the world.
Uh, David… my wadaiko teacher just called.
We third-year students are having our final wadaiko performance at the end of the month.
Great! I can’t wait!
Well, practice on our new pieces isn’t going well.
I see.
So… do you mind if I go to wadaiko practice this weekend?

10/3 L83
Captain, our rhythms just aren’t matching.
Let’s have a break. Everyone, take 15.
Yes, sir!
Sho, maybe this new style is too difficult for us. Even I’m having trouble with it.
Come on. You’re our captain. If you lose hope, the whole team loses hope!
I know, but….
This new style is exactly what we want to learn! Let’s just keep practicing. I’m sure we’ll get it.
Wow, you are positive when playing the wadaiko.
Yes, because wadaiko is my number one passion.

10/4 L84
Our fall performance will be the last performance for all third-year students. So, let’s do our best!
Yes, sir!
Captain, can you explain this new style again?
Sho, please explain.
First, hit the taiko right in front of you. You then move to the left, and hit this taiko. After that, reverse the order. Pretty simple, right?
That’s the spirit! Now, give me the same level of energy on the taiko! Ready?
Yes, sir!
Let’s get started!

10/8 L85
Masao, is it true a famous marathon coach is staying at our hotel?
Yes. He’s the track team coach for Mr. Aoki’s company.
Mr. Aoki from Blue Dragon?
Yes. He will participate in the Sakurayama Senior Marathon, and wants to check the course before running it. He’s more serious than anyone about winning
Could you introduce me to him? I want to ask him how to win the marathon.
I’m having dinner with him tonight to talk about Miki’s high school career. You can meet him then.
Miki’s high school career?
I want Miki to become a world-class hotel owner. I need Mr. Aoki’s advice.

10/9 L86
Miki, you need stamina to pass your entrance exams, so don’t forget to exercise.
Coach, Ms. Sakura would like to know how she can win the marathon.
What would you like me to teach you?
I want to know if I’m running properly.
You have very good form. Your coach did a good job.
It was just some noisy old lady.
You mean the senior marathon champion, right? Well, I will beat her this year. v
You’ll have to beat me first, Mr. Aoki.

10/10 L87
Mr. Aoki, this park is the turning point of the marathon course.
This uphill area is the toughest part of the first half of the course.
That’s right. By the way, I see you still have your breath, Ms. Sakura.
Well, I run this course every day.
So, Mr. Aoki, we only ran I’ve never run any other course so far?
So, Mr. Aoki, we only ran the first half, but what do you think of this course so far?
I think it is more fun than other courses because it has a lot more variety.
I agree.
I guess. I’ve never run any other course.
Someone is running up the slope toward us. Oh, it’s Ms. Miki Sato!

10/11 L88
Yes, Mimiko? Who’s this?
Nice to meet you. I’m Aoki Ryuji.
I’m Sato Yoko. I’ve heard your name somewhere.
I met your son-in-law at the town office.
Mr. Aoki wants to become the next senior marathon champion.
Ah, of course. You’re the president of a famous recreation development company. May I ask you a question?
I own a ryokan, and it’s quite old. How do I get more customers without spending money on it?
How about updating your website? Nowadays, most people choose where to stay by looking up places online.
Thank you for your advice, Mr. Aoki. I hope to see you.

10/15 L89
Sho, I think we need to update the ryokan’s website. According to information I found online, if a famous blogger introduces our website, we can get more customers.
That’s a good idea, Grandma! But you need special skills to update a website.
Can you ask Mari if she can do it? Our current website was set up by her when she was still in high school.
OK, but what about pictures for the website?
Simple. We use David’s pictures.
I thought he didn’t take promotional pictures.
I’ll talk to him. He is renting our annex at a low price, after all.

10/16 L90
If you’re going to use David’s pictures, you’ll need to change the whole design of the website.
I agree. But we can’t afford to pay a specialist.
If you give me enough time, I can do it.
Well, what I want to do is to set up my own website to show my artwork. So, I’m studying a lot about website construction now. That’s amazing.
Nowadays, anyone can share information with the whole world.
You’re so international, Mari.
Yes, and if you want to become an international citizen, Sho, you need to learn more about what’s going on around the world.

10/17 L91
David asked me if I wanted to meet my mother. I didn’t know what to tell him.
Don’t worry about it, Sho.
Do you want to meet Mom?
I didn’t tell you this, but she sent me a gift when I entered college.
What?! I didn’t know that.
Nobody does. It was an expensive paint set. I don’t have anything against paint, so I accepted it. It has many more colors than other paint sets I’ve used.
So Mom knows your new address?
Dad told her. They may be separated, but they’re still married.

10/18 L92
I wonder if Mom and Grandma will ever make up with each other. It’s been five years.
I doubt it. It’s a very difficult situation between them.
How so?
Three things. First, they have different ideas about how to run the ryokan. Second, both Grandma and Mom think they’re right. Third, neither of them likes to apologize. This is the biggest problem. They’re too similar.
What does Dad think of this?
You should ask him. But Sho, please leave me out of it. Anyway, I’ll get started on the website. Give me some time to think of the design, OK? Bye.

10/22 L93
That’s a lot to carry, Sho. Are you OK?
I asked Yota to help. Are you coming, Grandma?
Yes. I asked Masae to look after things today.
Good morning! Sho, are you ready?
Good morning, Sho! I came to help, too.
Oh. Thank you.
Here’s a hand towel, Sho. You can use it to wipe off your sweat.
Hi, there. You must be Kanon. My, my! You sewed Sho’s name on the towel by yourself? I think you did a great job!
Thank you. I love embroidery.
Use it wisely, Sho. Heh, heh.

10/23 L94
You’re amazing, Sho!
I’ve never seen him like this before.
Everyone on the team looks so cool! When I become a junior high student, I will join the wadaiko team, too!
I thought you were going to manage the soccer team.
I think playing the wadaiko is more interesting than any other activity in school. After all, boys and girls get to perform on the same stage!
Look! They will start a new piece. Sho is the main performer for this one.

10/24 L95
The program says Sho will be leading the final piece.
I hope he’s OK. I’m worried he will slip up.
Sorry! I was taking pictures, and forgot the time.
I thought you wouldn’t make it.
Naoki was nice enough to drive me here.
Where is he?
He’s in the back. He will film the whole performance. Here they are. Wow, Sho looks amazing! He’s so focused. Why can’t he be like that all the time?
They’re about to start.

10/25 L96
Bravo, Sho! Incredible!
Sho a different person when he’s playing the wadaiko!
He loves playing the wadaiko. It gives him confidence.
I think he should always carry around a wadaiko from now on. It’ll make him stronger.
I agree.
Let’s go backstage and meet him!
It’s me. Sho’s performance has just finished. He was the main performer on the final piece. His spirit and focus reminded me of you. I’ll send a video of the performance later. Take care.