基礎英語3-本文 2018-7月-暗記 L49-64

7/2 L49
Are you hanging tanabata decorations at your house again this year?
Yeah. Grandma takes seasonal traditions very seriously.
I’ll write my wish on a blue paper strip.
Then I’ll write mine on a pink one. What about you, Sho?
I already wrote mine. In fact, I wrote two.
You sure have a lot of time.
My wish is that I get to play in a national soccer competition.
My wish is that I enter a high school of my choice. What about you, Sho?
I know! Your wish is that you find a girlfriend!

7/3 L50
Sho, I’ll hang these paper strips on the bamboo.
Wow, that’s a lot of paper strips.
Many of them were sent to us by our previous guests.
Wow! So, we’re hanging more paper strips than usual this year?
Yes. There are a lot of guests who have never forgotten their stay at Hanasato Ryokan.
That’s amazing!
Hello, Sho and Yoko! Here is mine. (Here is my paper strips.)
Hang it wherever you like.
Have you ever been to a tanabata festival, David?
Once. I went to a tanabata festival in Sendai. There were so many paper strips of different colors. It was beautiful.

7/4 L51
The bamboo looks great, but please get the ryokan in your pictures, too!
You got it!
Hey, what are you guys doing?
David is taking pictures for this year’s summer postcard.
Make sure she pays you for your work, David.
Of course I will, Sho! David, please try a lower angle.
Okay, next, from the left. Umm… no. Maybe the right.
Grandma! You’re bothering him!
It’s OK, Sho. I love taking pictures. It’s a skill that combines history with art.
You are a good person, David.

7/5 L52
Yoko, when tanabata is over, what do you do with the bamboo?
When I was younger, we threw them in the river, but now we burn them. On July 8th, we will gather all the bamboo at the castle site and have a bonfire.
Because it’s the highest place in our town!
I liked it better when we threw the bamboo into the river. But I also like this new idea. We now turn our wishes into smoke and send them to the sky.
Sounds great! Can you take me there, Sho? Miki can join us, too.
I can come, but Miki has a tennis tournament.
That’s too bad. Yes. It really is.

7/9 L53
What is this special summer burger Berver.
It’s a kind of burger which you can find in Hawaii.
Yota contains a special chili sauce.
Is the chili sauce spicy?
Oh, yeah!
I’ll pass. Spicy isn’t for me. What is this coffee lemonade?
It’s a cocktail which mixes iced coffee with our original lemonade.
Cool! I’ll have the special summer burger and the coffee lemonade, please.
A regular burger and a lemonade for me, please.
You got it!
Oh, congratulations on winning the regional soccer tournament, Yota!
Thanks! How are the English lessons with Miki and David going?
I’ll tell you while we eat.

7/10 L54
Don’t laugh, Yota!
“I want to become an international citizen?” I’m sure nobody expected you to say that.
Miki said she would support me.
Well, good for you.
Come on, Yota!
OK, let me see … how about this? Tell Miki, “I don’t want you to get close to any other boy. I like you! Please be my girlfriend!
I can’t say that! Miki herself said she has no time for love.
If you think that way, Miki will never know you like her. Listen, her team just lost the regional playoffs, so cheer her up. Start from there.
OK. I can do that.

7/11 L55
How about this checkered dress?
No, it’s too plain.
Grandma, I’m buying a dress for study camp. I’m not looking for anything flashy. Excuse me.
Do you have this dress in any other color?
We have pink and purple. Which do you like better?
I prefer pink. Let me try it on. What do you think?
Do you have a smaller one?
This size is perfect, Grandma.
I know, but I want to try it on, too!

7/12 L56
Grandma. Let’s get some hamburgers for dinner tonight.
Sounds good. Let’s go here. I hear the hamburgers are very good.
Isn’t that Sho in the back?
Yes, and Yota! Hi, guys!
Hey, Miki.
Grandma, this is Yota. His team just won the regional soccer tournament.
Lovely! I like watching soccer games and cheering from the stands. I hope you play for the national team!
Thank you! Remember. Cheer her up.
I know. Uh… Miki. Sorry to hear about your loss.
That’s OK. I lost in tennis, but I will win in my exams!
She didn’t even need cheering up. Now what?

7/16 L57
Sho, can you help David move this weekend?
What?! Is he moving to the Oasam Hotel?
No. He is moving to the annex of the ryokan. I hope that he stays longer as a result.
Phew. I’m glad you’re not losing a customer.
Of course not. Anyway, your father is busy, so I need you to help David.
OK, but we’re using the annex as a storage area now. It’s a lot to clean up.
I’ll charge him very little. Also, his tanabata pictures were very popular, so I will continue hiring him for photography projects. A win-win situation! Great thinking, Grandma!

7/17 L58
Yes, Sho?
Have you ever visited a country you didn’t like?
No. I like every country I’ve been to.
So nothing bad ever happened to you?
Of course bad things have happened. But you must take the good with the bad. Why do you ask?
I said I want to become an international citizen, but I’m not good at getting close to people.
Did something happen?
Yes…when I was little.
Well…experience makes the person. I hope your experiences make you stronger, Sho.
Thanks, David! Me, too.

7/18 L59
Wow! It’s so clean. Good job, Sho!
No problem, Grandma!
David, tell me about this map. What are all the numbers for?
They are dates and times that show when I took photographs at each location. For example, this is Sakurayama Park, which is located in the center of the town. And this is Hanasato Ryokan.
Wow! You’ve been all around this town.
Just doing my job. By the way, are you free this Sunday, Sho? There’s an event I want to take you to.
Oh, boy…
Don’t worry, it’s a barbecue.
Barbecue? I’m in!

7/19 L60
Hey, Sho! Can you talk?
Sure. What’s up?
How’s Grandma doing?
The same. Why?
She asked me to come home and help at the ryokan, but I already got a summer job.
So, tell her.
I can’t, so I’m calling you.
I know how you feel, Mari. But you have to be honest with her.
Yeah, you’re right.
Can you come back for Obon?
Of course. I can help out after Obon.
Great! Listen. Tell Grandma you need to work to pay for rent and food. She’ll understand.
Wow, you’ve certainly grown up, Sho! I’ll do that. Thanks!
Good luck!

7/23 L61
Safe travels, Miki. Don’t forget about me.
Sho… I’m only leaving for five days. Don’t be so dramatic.
You are popular with the boys, Miki.
I’m amazed that you can study all day long.
And I’m amazed that you can practice soccer for hours. By the way, sorry about the prefectural tournament.
Don’t be. 2nd place is still a great result. Plus, some scouts may want to talk to me!
That’s incredible!
It will be tough, though. I am the most dedicated soccer player at my school, but there are many more like me in Japan.
(This train is about to leave. The doos will be closing.)
Think of it as your entrance exam. Good luck, Yota!
You too, Miki!

7/24 L62
On behalf of the Mountain Preservation Society, I would like to thank you all for attending the underbrush clearing today.
Um…David? Where’s the barbecue?
After we finish our work, Sho.
First, staff members with sickles will cut away the weeds. Next, everyone else will join in. Is everyone ready?
Sho, because the forest has recovered, the fireflies have returned to Satoyama Ravine. If the forest recovers, everything around it recovers, too.
Please work at your own pace. Once we are done, we are going to have a barbecue. OK, let’s get started.
Well, I may not get muddy today, but I will get sweaty.

7/25 L63
Move your arms more. Raise your thighs. Keep your rhythm!
Go easy on me, will you?!
If you want to run in the fall marathon, you’ll have to train hard for it.
Argh. I know.
Look, the mayor has brought someone to Sakurayama.
What? Do you know him?
Aoki Ryuji. He’s she president of a famous recreational development company. People call him “Blue Dragon.”
That’s a cute name.
Um… the blue comes from the blue fire that he breathes on his competition.
He looks nice, though.
I wonder what he is doing here. I have a bad feeling about this.

7/26 L64
Come in, Mr. Callahan.
Thank you for inviting me, Mr. Takamine.
And thank you for coming. I always look forward to receiving your pictures by e-mail.
Thank you.
I especially enjoy your pictures of Satoyama.
I’m happy to hear that.
I have an offer for you, David. I would like you to be the photographer for a travel guide we are publishing for foreign visitors. What do you think?
David Sounds great!
Come in, Ms. Sato.
Good to see you again, David. Thank you for the photo of you and Sho.
No problem, Yumi. Everyone at the ryokan is really nice.