基礎英語3-本文 2018-9月-暗記 L65-80

基礎英語3-本文 2018-9月-暗記 L65-80
9/3 L65
I was wondering if you are comfortable with Mr. Takamine’s sudden request. He wanted only you for the job.
It’s an honor! I am glad to do this with you.
Oh, you’re just saying that!
Well, I mean it.
Thank you. Shall we? Our team is waiting for us outside.
I met Mari. She came home for the summer.
Mari… I haven’t seen her in years.
I wonder if you’d like to see your family again.
Look, let’s just think about Hokkaido. Beautiful scenery and delicious food, here we come! Yumi ….

9/4 L66
Is something wrong, Yoko?
I felt dizzy and lost my balance. I think I twisted my ankle co
You should go see a doctor.
Nonsense! A little rest is all I need.
Hey, what are you two doing here?
What great timing! Your grandmother is hurt.
It’s nothing, Look, I’m perfectly fi… Ow, ow, ow!
You see! You’re in pain. I’m calling an ambulance.
No! No ambulances. It’s nothing serious. I’ll call Dad. He should be at home now. Hey, Dad. I’m at Sakurayama Park, and Grandma is hurt. Please come quickly!

9/5 L67
How is she?
She sprained her ankle, but it’s nothing serious.
However, she needs a checkup, so I will need her to stay at the hospital today. By the way, how does Yoko spend her day?
She gets up at 4 a.m., prepares food, then goes running. She then tends to the ryokan. She goes to sleep by 10 p.m.
Does anyone help her?
Well, my daughter did. She moved to Tokyo in the spring for college.
I also help when I can.
So she’s a super grandma both at work and at home. But everyone has their limits. Please don’t forget that.
Yes, thank you. We will be more careful.

9/6 L68
Grandma! What are you doing?
I told her to rest, but she won’t listen.
I am going back to the ryokan, and that’s final! I have work to do.
The doctor said he wants you to stay at the hospital for a a day.
Don’t worry. I’ve asked Masae, our former head server, to run the ryokan today.
But she runs her own restaurant! Who will take care of that?
It’s only one day, Yoko. It’ll be fine.
Look, we are doing this because we are worried about you! OK?!
O…OK. You win. Now, leave me alone.

9/10 L69
You’re late, Sho!
I had to take my grandma to the hospital.
Whoa! Super Grandma had to go to the hospital?
She sprained her ankle. Fortunately, it’s nothing serious.
A sprained ankle is very serious, Sho. Make sure your grandmother takes care of herself.
OK, Yota.
I hope she gets better by the Sakurayama Senior Marathon. Everyone wants her to keep winning.
I know. By the way, Miki, it was a good thing your grandmother was there. Please tell her thanks.
I will. You know, our grandmothers pretend to hate each other, but I think they’re best friends.

9/11 L70
Is someone talking about me?
They’re probably saying, “Yoko works too hard.”
Oh, be quiet. You can go home now, Mimiko.
I have to stay to make sure you don’t run away.
Don’t worry. I promised Naoki. I’ll rest here today.
I beg your pardon? Did you say “rest”? Super Grandma just said “rest”
Oh, will you please leave, you old nag!
Hmph。Look who’s talking!
Wait, Mimiko…thank you.
Yoko, everyone has their limits, even you. Remember that.

9/12 L71
Hello, Sho.
Hi, Masae!
I will help with the cooking until your grandmother is better.
We really appreciate it. But is it OK?
Sho, we’re family. Families help each other in times of trouble.
Thank you.
By the way, I noticed only a few guests are staying here. That’s not good.
Is that so? Grandma never said anything.
Hmm. Also, I received a call from our American guest. He should be back in four days. He told me he had a couple plans he wanted to talk to you about.
Oh, boy….

9/13 L72
Sho, do you have a minute?
Hey, Dad. Sure.
We need to talk about….
Way ahead of you! Look at this. It’s a list of things we need to do around the house.
Hmm…so you will be in charge of laundry and cooking the rice. That’s right. I am in charge of hanging the laundry before going to work. We will take turns with cleaning. This should make things easier for Grandma.
Also, Masae will continue to help us with the cooking.
Is that so? We should thank her.
Yeah. I now understand how hard Grandma works, thanks to this list.

9/17 L73
So, how’s your grandmother?
I thought she would take it easy now, but no.
Well, she is Super Grandma.
I’ve learned something, though. It’s very hard to run a ryokan
So, are you going to take it over?
Well…what would you do? Let’s see…. OK, for example, how do you win a soccer game?
Shoot the ball into the goal.
Well, yeah. But in the end, it’s teamwork. Your family is a team, Sho. It’s important for you to talk about this with them.
But….my team is missing an important member.

9/18 L74
Five years ago, my mother and grandmother had a big fight.
Tradition is no longer enough, Mom! If you don’t adapt to the times, you won’t survive.
With these words, my mom left. I couldn’t sleep for a while afterwards. I was afraid somebody else would be gone when I woke up. My mom sends me birthday cards every year, but I haven’t seen her since she left. I would like to get the team back together. But how?
What are you doing, Sho? Don’t you have wadaiko practice?
Oh, you’re right! I have to go.
Focus, Sho!

9/19 L75
Come in.
Ah, Mr. Sato. This is Mr. Aoki Ryuji. He is on the regional development board for our town.
I’ve heard a lot about you.
Only good things, I hope.
He wanted to know which ryokan in this town is the oldest, so I talked about you
We will celebrate our 250th anniversary in 2020.
Incredible! I heard the owner is well known for her running.
Yes. She is the senior marathon champion.
Mr. Aoki is a runner himself.
My favorite sport is running. In fact, I’ll be taking part in the next Sakurayama Senior Marathon. I’m looking forward to racing your mother.

9/20 L76
So, you are helping around the house now.
Yeah. I can now cook simple meals.
Wow! I love boys who can cook.
Is that so?
I’ve only cooked in home economics class.
Well, your mother and grandmother are both healthy, so you don’t have to cook at home.
That’s true. I should be grateful.
Hey, Miki. It’s almost the harvest moon. Why don’t I cook you a packed lunch? We can go and watch the full moon.
Great idea! Let’s have a full moon potluck party! I’ll let everyone know.
Uhm…but…. OK….

9/24 L77
There we go! What do you think, Grandma?
Tastes great, but you sure used a lot of eggs to get it right.
Don’t worry. Your father can eat your mistakes. He will eat anything if he knows his daughter did the cooking.
Heh, heh.
Were they that bad?
Yes, but I respect your effort. So, what is this for?
A full moon potluck party. Everyone is bringing their own food.
I’d like to go, too.
What? But….
I can cook up a lot of delicious food for everyone. Well, in that case, OK!

9/25 L78
How was your trip, David?
The nature was incredible. So, for tonight’s potluck, we have to cook our own food, right?
That’s correct. Can you cook, David?
Of course. It’s an important skill when you film outdoors and have to camp for the night. What did you make, Sho?
Karaage, or Japanese fried chicken
Well done!
You can use our kitchen, David. Help yourself to anything in the fridge. Oh, watch out for the boiling water!
OK. By the way, we will go on a rice harvesting tour this weekend.
What? Why?
Because I invited you. Plus, there will be a mushroom weekend party afterwards.

9/26 L79
I prepared a small set with pampas grass and rice dumplings. Take it to the party.
Thanks, Grandma!
Yota’s already here. Who’s that girl next to him?
Hi, Sho! We saved a spot for you.
Thanks! David, this is my friend, Yota.
Nice to meet you, David. Sho’s told me so much about you. I feel like I know you already
Same here. Nice to finally meet you.
Ahem. Aren’t you forgetting someone, Yota?
Right. This bossy girl’s my sister, Kanon.
I’m not bossy! Hi, I’m Kanon. Sho, I’m a big fan. I really enjoyed your wadaiko performance at the sakura festival.
Why, thank you.

9/27 L80
Your grandmother’s food is great, Miki!
Have some of my food, too. OK?
Of course! Would you like some, Kanon?
I am fine with just your karaage, Sho. It’s so good!
What a beautiful full moon! David, can you take a photo of us with the moon in the background?
Of course. Stand in front of the moon, everyone.
Miki’s grandmother should be in the middle. Kanon can stand next to me, and Miki can stand next to Sho.
I’ll turn the timer on, then stand next to Sho. We have 10 seconds. Ready, everyone?
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
Sho, how would you like to meet your mother?

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