基礎英語3 2020/5/22 L35 review

基礎英語3 2020/5/22 L35 review
Making requests
Grandpa,(あなたの助けが必要です). What can I give Grandma for her birthday?
That’s a very difficult question! I have lived with her for more than forty years. But what does she want? I’m not sure.
Do you come here a lot?
Not so often. Maybe once or twice a week.
Of course! Please come here anytime.
Excuse me?
(お邪魔してすみませんが、これを手伝ってもらえませんか?) It’s very heavy and I don’t want to drop it.
No problem! Are you moving in?
A: Do you come here often?
B: Yes, I come here a couple days a week.
A: (1)
B: Of course! Please join us!

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