基礎英語3 2020/6/26 L60 Review

基礎英語3 2020/6/26 L60 Review, Telling others that you don’t understand
Let’s review this week’s stories.
But there are still so many things that I want to see and do before I go home.
Well… good!
Good? (1) すみません、どういう意味ですか?
Because we will have lots to do when you come back!
Really, Tatsuo? There are still lots of people I need to speak to before I’m finished.
(2) (聞こえませんでした。何人ですか?)
Lots! Actually, six people.
Mao, you should do it.
(3) すみません? 私が何をするべきですか?)
You learned how to ride really quickly. You should show her how to ride her bicycle.

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