基礎英語3 2019/11/29 R28 review

基礎英語3 2019/11/29 R28 review
How can we get there?

Listen to this week’s stories and answer the questions in Eglish.

Are you sure this is the right direction?
Let’s look at the map again.
Kozo’s house is over here. How can we get there?
Hmm… Let’s go straight along this road and over the bridge.
It should be on our left, across from the small grocery store.
Here we are.
I hope Kozo is feeling better.
Oh, that’s him!
Hi, Kozo. How are you?
Oh, hi. I was so depressed yesterday, but now I feel much better.
Great! Here is an invitation for your parents. Get well soon.
Hi, guys! I sensed that the Negatives left again. How did you do that?
Well… it’s a secret.

Q1. What is in front of Kozo’s house?
Q2. How is Kozo feeling?

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