基礎英語3 2020/3/13 R40 review

基礎英語3 2020/3/13 R40 review
Is this really what I want?
-Weekly Diary By RoboCorpus
I used the same (1) that RoboNegative used, and caught Minus and Non in my web. Yukichi was controlled by the Lord of Negative Forces, and said to me, “I don’t (2) RoboCorpus!” It hurt me, and I felt very (3). When I was almost hit by the power beam, Sylphie and Jukichi came to (4) me! Now it’s our turn!
Yes, Lemi.
Go for it. Sylphie and Jukichi are with you.
Yes, I feel stronger than ever.
a1). This picture was painted in the 15th century.
a2). I have a picture painted in the 15th century.

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