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Mysterious manatee deaths investigated

Officials in Mexico are trying to figure out what has killed dozens of manatees in the southern part of the country. Some have suggested water pollution may be the culprit.

About 500 of the aquatic mammals are estimated to live in the wetlands of Tabasco State. But since May, about 30 dead manatees have been found in the area.

Officials have not determined the cause. But one study found high levels of heavy metals in the habitat’s waters. Scientists say they’ve detected amount of cadmium and lead far beyond safe limits.

(Ernesto Zazueta / President, Zoos and Aquariums Association of Mexico)
“I think if measures aren’t taken quickly, the manatee population numbers will fall.”

Some have blamed wastewater from drilling projects operated by the national oil company, Pemex. But company officials say tests show a lack of contamination in the area.

Local media report there have been sightings of dead fish and lizards, and some fishermen are suffering from skin rashes.

figure out (答えなどを)見つけ出す、解明する
what has killed …は「何が~を殺したのか」「~は何が原因で死んだのか」
manatee マナティー(大型の水生哺乳動物)
dozens of manatees 「何十頭ものマナティー」
pollution 汚染/公害、 water pollution 水質汚染、 air pollution 大気汚染
culprit (問題の)原因/元凶、犯人/犯罪者
aquatic 水中の、水生の
mammal 哺乳動物、哺乳類、 the aquatic mammals その水生哺乳動物(マナティー)
estimate 見積もる、推定する、 be estimated to – ~と推定されている
wetland 湿地帯、湿地
have been found 見つけられている、現在完了形(5月から今現在までおよそ30頭のマナティーが死んでいる)
have not yet determined 現在完了形(今現在、まだ原因が特定されていない)
heavy metals 重金属 
habitat (動植物などの)生息地、生息場所
detect 発見する、検出する
cadmium カドミウム
lead 鉛
far beyond safe limits 安全限界を大きく超える(安全基準をはるかに超える)
measures (通例は複数形で)手段、方策、対応策
blame ~を責める、~のせいにする
wastewater 廃水
drilling projects operated by- ~が行っている採掘事業
contamination 汚染、汚染物質
local media 地元のメディア
 local media report (mediaは複数扱い、続く動詞はreportsではなくreport
sighting 目撃、発見
lizard トカゲ
suffer from – (病気などを)患う、発症する
skin rash 皮膚の発疹


blame 動詞 「(事故や問題などについて)~のせいにする、~を責める、~を非難する
blame 名詞 「責任、非難

*. Some have blamed wastewater from drilling projects

1. 動詞
When Brad blamed the grill for the charred burgers, Helen joked, “A bad workman blames his tools.”
char – charred – charred 炭にする、黒焦げにする

2. “By the time we arrived, the clients had left,” Don said. “Who could blame them. We were an hour late.”



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