世界へ発信!ニュースで英語術 2018/9/18 (火)Naomi Osaka: Victory feels like a dream
Naomi Osaka: Victory feels like a dream

Just a day after making Japanese tennis history, Naomi Osaka’s U.S. Open victory is finally starting to sink in for the 20-year-old star.

(Naomi Osaka / U.S. Open Women’s Singles Champion)
“It was really weird for me, that whole experience, because it did feel like a dream, and I still don’t really feel like it happened even though I’m holding the trophy. So I think every hour that passes, it feels more and more real.”

On Saturday, Osaka became the first-ever Japanese tennis player to win a singles grand slam title by defeating Serena Williams, one of the game’s best players and her childhood idol.

(Naomi Osaka / U.S. Open Women’s Single Champion)
“I feel like I worked really hard my whole life for that moment, and just playing against Serena in New York, it felt really special.”

Osaka overpowered Williams early on with her powerful serve and fast-paced play. Osaka went on to win in straight sets and was overcome with emotion after the final point.

make history 歴史を作る、「歴史上の偉業を成し遂げる」
U.S. Open「全米オープン」
sink in 浸透する、十分に理解される、実感される、(自分の中で)消化する
weird 変な、奇妙な
it did feel like a dream = I felt like a dream 強調
not really I still don’t really feel like- まだあまり~と感じない
more and more ますます
it feels more and more real ますます現実だと感じる
first-ever 史上初の、形容詞の最上級-ever かつてない…
 largest-ever 過去最大の、youngest-ever 史上最年少の
singles シングルス(テニスの1対1の試合/複数形)、doubles ダブルス(2対2)
defeat 負かす、破る
childhood 子ども時代、⇔ adulthood 成人期
idol アイドル、憧れの対象
Grand Slam (テニスやゴルフなどのプロスポーツで)シーズン中に全ての主要な選手権で優勝すること、国際テニス連盟が定めたプロトーナメント4大大会を指す総称
Grand Slam title
 Australian Open :1905 – 全豪オープン
 Les Internationaux de France :1891- = French Open 全仏オープン
 The Championships :1877- = Wimbledon 全英オープン/ウインブルドン選手権
 U.S. Open :1881- 全米オープン
work really hard my whole life 今までの人生をがんばってきた
overpower (より強い力で)圧倒する、overwhelm 圧倒する/沈める/のみこむ
early on 早い時期に、早い段階で、(試合の)序盤で
 the early / middle / final stages
fast-paced ペースの速い、急速な、⇔ at a slow / leisurely pace
go on to- 次に~する
straight 連続した / 続けざまの、consecutive victory / win / title 連勝 / 連覇
be overcome with emotion 感情に圧倒される/感情でいっぱいになる/感極まる


sink – sank – sunk / sunken 沈む、沈没する、徐々に下がる、染み込む、(気持ちが)落ち込む/意気消沈する、陥没する

*. It’s finally starting to sink in for her
sink in 物事が人の理解に浸透する

1. sink to one’s knees がっくりと膝をつく
Carla sank to her knees after crossing the finish line in first place.
sink to one’s knees がっくりと膝をつく(全身が崩れるように脱力した様子)
cross the finish line ゴールする

2. sunken eyes「落ち込んだ目」
After staying up all night to finish his presentation, Roger came into the office with sunken eyes.
sunken eyes 落ち込んだ目(目の周りが暗くなって落ち込んだように見える状態)



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