ラジオ英会話 2017/4/17 #‎ラジオ英会話

ラジオ英会話 2017/4/17 #‎ラジオ英会話
17 月 Week3 Wedding Cake for a Hundred

– words & Expressions
impossible task 無理な話、無理難題
have a big favor to ask of - ーに是非ともお願いしたいことがある
concerning - ー似」関して
I’m happy to help! 喜んでお手伝いします。
How many – will there be? どのくらいの数のーが来るのですか?
guest 招待客、出席者
Okay. それで。 ここまでは話がわかったので続けて
look exactly like - ーとそっくりである
bouquet ブーケ、花束
tall order 難しい問題
have faith in - 誇りにしている。信頼している。

– Apply it
That’s a tall order!

What did Kaguya-hime ask you to bring?
A jewel from around a dragon’s neck.
That’s a tall order.
To put it mildly, yes. マイルドに言っても
I have a faith in you.

You did it, again.

– Say it
I’m happy to help!

– Today’s dialog in another situation
The woman is a positive thinker.

2017/4/3-13 Apply it
It’ll be worth it.
This is easier than I thought.
There’s a way around that.
It’s a real time-saver.
Let’s take the easy way out.
Does it help?
That really does the trick!
It’s easy as pie.

2017/4/3-13 Say it
I’m swamped with work.
I got some good shots.
Press Control-Z to get it back.
Let’s take five.
Say it
We need to save more money.
I wish I could just take it easy.
Ow! I burned my fingers!
Time’s up.

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