ラジオ英会話 2019/7/19 Review

ラジオ英会話 2019/7/19 Review
Hey, everyone. This is Rosa Akino. Did you enjoy the lessons this week? I hope you’re listening carefully, ‘cause it’s time to review.
That’s right, Rosa. Chris McVay here. Review, review, review. You have to repeat things several times in order that it becomes natural to you. Let’s start.

-Monday L71
Q1: Which of the following is ture?
a). The girl likes her math teacher.
b). The girl had to do additonal homework.
Or c). The boy agreed with the girl.

I can’t stand my math teacher.
Why? I thought she was one of the most popular teachers.
No way! She’s far too strict.
So, what did she do to you to get you so angry with her?
Well, I was a bit late handing in my homework, and she made me do lots of extra work.
How late were you exactly?
Just one week.
A week! No wonder she punished you!
Hey, whose side are you on?

-Tuesday L72
Q2: What does Ms. Kelly need?
a). A new assistant.
b). Mr. Kato’s flight number.
c). Mr. Kato’s schedule.

Well, Ms. Kelly, I hope I have answered all your questions about our company.
Thank you. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo. Please let me know your schedule as soon as you can, so that I can book my flight.
OK, I will have my assistant fax it to you right away.
Fax? Sorry, we don’t have a fax machine.
What should I do then? Everything is handwritten.
Can you scan it and email it?
Oh, I will ask her.
Thank you, Mr. Kato.

-Wednesday L73
Q3: Why does the woman need a new kennel?
a). Because the current one is broken.
b). Because she got a new dog.
Or c). Because her dog got bigger.
-Here we go.

Hi, Yannie. Do you want to see the latest photos of Duke?
Sure. He must be pretty big by now.
You can say that again. Take a look.
Wow! He’s enormous!
Right. German Shepherds grow fast. So now I have to build a new dog kennel.
Do you know how to do that?
Well, I just googled how to do it, and it turns out to be a piece of cake.

-Thursday L74
Q4: Which of the following is true?
a). Gerald didn’t enjoy his trip.
b). Gerald didn’t go to Hawaii.
c). Gerald found a dentist in Hawaii.
-Here we go.

Hi, Gerald. How was your trip to Hawaii?
Hi, Cassie. Not so good, I’m afraid.
Really? How come?
Well, I got a toothache there, and it ruined the whole trip.
Oh, that’s too bad. Couldn’t you find a dentist in Hawaii?
I didn’t want to spend time looking for one.
Are you OK now?
Yes. I went to the dentist here.
Good. So how about grabbing a bite to eat?
Excellent idea. I’m starving.

-practical challenge
Hey, guys. So remember, like we always say, feel what the situation is. And make your sentences using that feeling.
Exactly. Jump into the situation. Imagine that it’s happening. And then English should flow out much more naturally.


プラモデル a plastic model kit
その上 on top of that

Hey. You sound sad. What’s up?
Actually, I broke up with my boyfriend. He ruined my birthday. He started a part-time job a couple of months ago, and I thought that was for me. But what I got was a plastic model kit of a car, and on top of that he made me build it!

break up 関係が壊れる
a couple of 2〜3の」
I thought that was for me.
what I got 「私が何を得たのか=私が得たもの」
on top of that その上」にさらに、 悪いことが積み重なるときに
made me build it 無理やりさせる


Hey. You sound sad. What’s up?

Well, my girlfriend suddenly announced she wanted to break up, right as we were celebrating my birthday! She ruined my special day. She found a part-time job a while ago and had me believe it was in order to save money for my present. But all she gave me was a plastic model car kit that I have to build myself!

announce 発表する・言い放つ
right as -, 〜している・していた時を強調
celebrate お祝いをする
a while ago しばらく前に
had me believe me = believeという状況を持った
in order to -, 〜するために」「目的」を明確に
all she gave me = all that she gave me 彼女が私にくれたすべて
aplastic model car kit that I have to build myself


So I’m curious. As a well renowned romantic gentleman, Chris, what was the best gift that you gave to your partner?
Well, you know, it’s true, I always look for an unusual present, and maybe one of the most unusual is, I bought my wife a star.
A star?
Yeah. It’s possible to buy a star and name it after a person, and then you get to scroll with the map of the skies, and there is the star with the new name. My wife’s name. It will be there for ever.
Ah, that’s so sweet. I think I have a toothache now.

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A1). b
A2). c
A3). c
A4). a

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