ラジオ英会話 2021/11/15-19 L151-155

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/19 L155 Review
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here. Welcome back to the review. Are you ready to have some fun?
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Well, I’m ready to have some fun. I’m always having fun. Let’s have fun together.
Hey, guys. Do you think he was really having the dinner with his client?
Sensei, how could you say that? It’s just an innocent dinner meeting.
It certainly sounds a bit suss.

innocent dinner meeting 無害なミーティング?
suss 疑わしい??

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/18 L154 Look. It’s stopped raining.
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here.
What’s that about?
I saw her fan memory of last lesson.
I see.
Chris McVay here. I’m just gazing at you in amazement.
gazebo ガゼボ(庭園などに建てられたあずまや)
structure 建築物
umbrella アクセントの位置
Any similar words?
vanilla, and Cinderella
gaze じっと眺める
funny 普通とは異なって奇妙な、面白い
Ah, by the way, when you’re not sure whether it’s a humorous funny, or a s

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/17 L153 I was having a meeting at that time.
Hey, everyone.  Akino Roza here. Let’s get started.
Chris McVay here. I’m so busy too.
Let’s get started.
Go ahead. (相手に発言をうながして)どうぞ。/言ってごらん。
sudden 突然の、 suddenly 副詞
text (携帯)メールを送る
I was wondering why you haven’t gotten the textbook yet. Check it out! 

You didn’t tell me anything about that.
tell のイメージが「メッセージを渡す」

I was wondering why you hadn’t contacted me .
wonder 「大きな?(クエスチョンマーク)」 was wondering (~かしらと思っていた)
ここで、過去完了形(had +過去分詞)が使われているのは、was wondering の時点までに、「連絡してこなかった」

Hiroki, can I ask you something about last Sunday?
Last Sunday? Sure, go ahead.
What were you doing around three p.m.?
Three? Uh, I was having a meeting at that time. Now I remember. An online business meeting.
On a Sunday afternoon? You didn’t tell me anything about that.
My boss made a sudden announcement. I didn’t have time to text you.
Oh, I was wondering why you hadn’t contacted me.
I’m so busy, Haruka.

So, guys. Let’s practice together. So just like Onishi sensei said, the progressive form can be used for activities or actions. So like, “having a meeting” You can also use “having a good time” or, “having some tea” So let’s practice the key sentence together now. I was having a meeting at that time. One more time, I was having a meeting at that time.

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/16 L152 進行形③: 進行形は外から眺める
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here.
Chris McVay here. Ah! Oops. Ah…Roza. I made a big mistake!
What happened?
Eh, I forgot again.

make a mistake
insult 侮辱する、無礼を働く
mean 〜のつもりで言う、~を意味する
I didn’t mean it. 本気ではなかった
come out 口から(言葉が)出る
the wrong way = wrongly 間違って
misunderstand 誤解する

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/15 L151 He was sneezing non-stop.
Hey, everyone.  Akino Roza, here.
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Hey! It’s good to be rockin’ in the studio together, isn’t it?
brilliantly 鮮やかに、素晴らしくbrilliant + ly
brilliant cut ブリリアント・カット
cheer 歓声を上げる
rock ロック音楽を演奏する
awesome 最高の
sneeze くしゃみをする
annoyed 迷惑に感じて、イライラして