ラジオ英会話 2021/11/22-25 L156-159

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/26 L160 Review
It’s time for revenge. 復讐回 です。Hey, everyone.  Akino Roza here. Let’s get started.
I think you’re mixing up your words, Roza. Chris McVay here.
-Monday L156
Okay, guys. Here’s the question.
Q1). Which of the following is true?
A: Shiho’s new roommate will move in within three weeks.
B: The rent is too expensive for Shiho.
C: Doug and Shiho are going to live together.
Here we go.
Q2). What does Jessica want to do?
A: Travel around the world
B: Visit Egypt to see the Sphinx
C: Take pictures of the Sphinx
ラジオ英会話 2021/11/25 L159 159 She’s been reading comic books all afternoon.
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here. Let’s have another great lesson.
Chris McVay here. Let’s get started.
turkey 七面鳥
certainly 確かに、そのとおり
all afternoon 午後ずっと、 all day 一日中
get dressed 服を着る
prep 準備をする(= prepare)
for a bit ちょっとの間

But this word, honey sounds a little oldish, right?
Maybe a little bit. But people still use it.
Hmm. That’s right.
Also people say “honey” or “darlin.” But “darlin” is a bit old too. Don’t you think so, Chris?
Yeah. I think it’s a little bit old. And where I come from, in the Northeast of England, we say “pet.”

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/24 L158 I’ve turned off the water, so it’s OK now.
Well, after that opening, I’m ready for the lesson. Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here.
Wake up, Chris.
Oh! Sorry. Chris McVay here. I don’t know why I fell asleep there. Sorry.
turn off 電気などを切る、水を止める
flood 水浸しにする
plumber [plʌ́mər] 配管工
craft tool 工作用の道具
It worked. うまくいった。 It works. うまく行く。
useless 役に立たない
I’m not so sure about that. さあ、それはどうかしら。
ラジオ英会話 2021/11/23 L157 I’ve traveled all over the world
You know there may be a Sphinx in Egypt, but I have a sphinx at home too.
Hey, everyone.  Akino Roza here.
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Oh! So you have a Sphinx cat at home?
That’s right.
archaeological 考古学の
site 遺跡
quite a lot ずいぶんよく
impress 強く印象づける、感動させる
I’d love to – = I would love to -. would like to -, 強調パターン
surely きっと、間違いなく

ラジオ英会話 2021/11/22 L156 My spare room has been empty for three weeks.
Sensei, I think that’s just you.
Hey, everyone.  Akino Roza here. Ready for today’s lesson?
Chris McVay here. For once, Roza. I agree with you.
For once.
move out (別の場所に)引っ越す
by oneself ひとりで, alone
spare 余分の、空いている
afford (経済的な)余裕がある
rent 家賃

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