ラジオ英会話 2022/2/28-3/4 L221-225

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/4 L225
Hey everyone.  Akino Roza here. Welcome to Friday’s lesson.
Hey, guys. Chris McVay here. It’s time for the review.
-Monday L221
Hi. OK guys, here is the question.
Q1). Which of the following is true?
a). The woman has been to Winsor before.
b). Buckingham Palace is not as old as Winsor Castle.
c). The woman is looking for a second home in Winsor.
Here we go!

So, Chris. What’s your birthstone?
Well, you know, I was born in November. So I’m lucky. We have two birthstones. The topaz and the citrine. How about you, Roza?
Well, I was born in September. So my birthstone is sapphire. But I don’t really like it. So, sensei. What’s your birthstone?
I was born in October. So, my birthstone is opal(tourmaline). But I don’t really care.
Why not?
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/3 L224 I’d say she’s the most talented artist in our family.
Hey everyone. Akino Roza here. Are you ready for today’s lesson? Let’s go.
Hey guys, Chris McVay here. This just means, “Hi guys, welcome to our program.” Let’s begin.
I’d say -. 私の考えでは〜だと思う
just like you あなたと同じように
talented 才能のある
apart from -, 〜を別にして
One more time. I’d say she’s the most talented artist in our family.
See? Easy as pie.
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/2 L223 Nolan is a lot smarter than he seems.
Hey everyone. Akino Roza here. Let’s get started.
Hey, guys. Chris McVay here. Roza. You got your name right again. (that often, open)
I was just wondering about taking six months off.
Dream on! 夢でも見てろ
Ah, okay.
take the morning off 午前中休む, the 今日の午前中、特定のthe,
*taking the morning off
So, is this “the” obligatory here?
You can also say “a”, for example, if you’re not sure which morning of which day you wanna take off.
Yeah, like I’d like to take a morning off next week.
Something like that. Yeah.
He’ll be in after lunch. *in その中に入っている 会社に来ていることを表しているin
drink too much 飲みすぎ
shouldn’t have p.p 〜すべきではなかったかも知れない
scold 叱る
key player 中心的な存在、重要人物
carefree 無責任な、気ままな
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/1 L222 It’s faster to draw it on a computer than to use real watercolor paints.
Hmm. Hey everyone. Akino Roza here.
Chris McVay here. I’m glad you could remember your name, Roza. And a question for you. How would you rate my computer skills?
Umm. I think you should stick to real paints and brushes.
That wasn’t the answer I was hoping for.
watercolor 水彩画
it takes 人 時間 to -, 人が〜するのに時間がかかる
traditional 昔ながらの、旧式の
stick to -, 〜に固執する、こだわる
be terrible with ~が苦手で
He is terrible with math.
ラジオ英会話 2022/2/28 L221 Windsor Castle is much older than Buckingham Palace.

Well, that was quite an uneventful opening, wasn’t it? Sensei. Hey everyone.  Akino Roza here. Let’s get started.
Chris McVay here. Guys. Did I tell you about the time the Queen invited me to Buckingham Palace?
Nah! That’s because it never happened. Let’s get started!

Windsor ウィンザー(英国イングランドの南部にある都市)
be looking forward to -, 〜を楽しみにしている
be supposed to -, 〜とされている
Buckingham Palace バッキンガム宮殿(イギリスのロンドンにある英国王室の宮
be used as -, 〜として使われる