ラジオ英会話 2022/3/14-18 L231-235

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/18 L235 review
Hey, guys. It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. It’s Friday. Time for the review. Akino Roza here.
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Yeah! Do your best for this review. Go, go, go!
OK guys, here is the question.
Q1). Which of the following is true?
a). Aki wants to go to the Pyramid of the Sun.
b). Aki wants a cup of iced tea.
c). Brendan thinks Aki hasn’t changed at all.
Here we go.
-Tuesday L232
OK. Here will go.
Q2). What will Doug do after this conversation?
a). He’ll exercise.
b). He’ll take Shio to a sushi bar.
c). He’ll have an English lesson.
Listen up.
-Wednesday L233
Q3). What does the commander think about the earth.
a). It’s just a little planet.
b). It’s too small for humans.
c). It’s alone in the universe.
Listen carefully.

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/17 L234 You’re no more a philosopher than my cat!
Hey, everyone. This is Akino Roza. I think Radio Eikaiwa will go down in history as the most influential English radio program.
Chris McVay here. Are you serious?
Well, we can always dream.
go down in history 歴史に名を残す
influential 影響力を持つ influence 影響, influencer〔社会に対して〕大きな影響を与える[影響力を持つ]人[情報発信者・もの・こと]、インフルエンサー
or something 〜か何か
stand the test of time 時代を超えて残る
stand 耐える
lyrics 歌詞
remarkable 並外れている、注目に値する、優れた、卓越した
You frequently use this phrase, right?
Yeah! I mean as you said, we can replace “remarkable” with lots of other adjectives and it works. “What’s so good about them?”
Or you could say, “What’s so interesting about it?”
reflect 反映する、反射する
philosoper 哲学者
knock けなす こき下ろす、けなす = criticize
in many ways おおくの点で
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/16 L233 The Earth is no more than a little planet.
We are not alone in the universe.
But Sensei is alone in the studio. Hey everyone. Akino Roza here.
Hi guys. Chris McVay here. I have a feeling I’m not alone in the studio. Ah, Roza and Sensei are here, yeah!
commander 司令官
spacecraft 宇宙船
surface 表面
follow 追いかける
flight engineer フライトエンジニア、航空機関士
Aye-aye. (隊員の上官に対する返事として)承知しました

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/15 L232
Hey everyone. This is Akino Roza.
Hi guys. Chris McVay here. Wow Roza, you look great.
Oh, I thank you.
Oh, no no, I’m just practicing the dialogue.

put on -, (体重が)~だけ増える
doubt 〜を疑う
be dying for 〜が欲しくて「~をしたくて]たまらない

I’ve been so busy I couldn’t do any exercise.
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/14 L231 You’re as lovely as ever
Akino Roza here. Hey, Chris. Have you been to the Pyramid of the Sun?
I have actually.
Yeah. But nobody offered me any iced tea. Chris McVay here.
My goodness. おやまあ
Let’s just say -. 〜という事にしておきましょう。
What kind of nuance does “Let’s just say” have?
We use “Let’s just say” when you don’t want to talk about the details of something.
For example, I’ll ask Chris, “Hey, Chris. How old are you?”
Let’s just say I’m a little bit older than you. So I don’t want to admit my real age. It’s a delicate subject. So then, we say “Let’s just say.”