ラジオ英会話 2022/3/21-24 L236-239

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/25 L240 REVIEW
Hey, everyone, Akino Roza here. Welcome to the last review of the year. Let’s get started.
Hi, everyone. Chris McVay here. Welcome to the last review of the year. Let’s get started. I’m just repeating what you said, Roza
Yes, you are!
Because it’s review, right?
OK guys, here is the question. 1). Why did the Desperate Rats visit the school?
a). Because the woman invited them.
b). Because they wanted to see the man.
c). Because they wrote a song titled “sneezing man”.
Here we go.
-Tuesday L237
OK. Question. 2). What did the detective bring?
a). Some of the man’s fans.
b). Some of the man’s books.
c). Some of the man’s stolen things.
Listen up.

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/24 L239 He heard the news that Roxy went to the UK to study.
Hey everyone. Welcome to the last regular lesson of the year. Akino Roza here.
Hi guys. Chris McVay here. I wonder if you still think that Roza can be mysterious at times.
That’s true.
You mean -. つまり〜ということ? 相手の真意を尋ねる
guess – , 〜だと思う、推測する
I guess not. 言わなかったと〜
I guess Roxy didn’t say anything to him about it?
be shocked ショックを受ける
mysterious 謎めいた、秘密にしたがる
at times ときどき

ラジオ英会話 2022/3/22 L237 We were able to recover most of the stolen things.
How romantic! Hey everyone. Akino Roza here.
Chris McVay here. You know what I really wanna say “I’m deeply honored to work with you guys.”
Thank you for -. 〜して頂きありがとうございます
all the way from -, 〜からはるばる
honored 光栄に思って、
still まだ
missing 見つからない、行方不明の
to begin with そもそも
ラジオ英会話 2022/3/21 L236 Sneezing man?
Hey everyone. Akino Roza here. Let’s have a great day.
Hi guys. Chris McVay here. Ah, atchoo! I can’t stop sneezing.
Bless you.
Ah, I become a sneezing man.
mention (物事、名前に)~に触れる・言及する
sneeze くしゃみをする
Who cares? 「誰が気にするの?」 動詞の care

Yeah! Shooting a TV program and Radio program in the same week can be dangerous. 撮影する shoot
Well, you could always quit one of them.