ラジオ英会話 2022/4/11-15 L6-10

ラジオ英会話 2022/4/15 L10 今週の Reviewistening Challenge!
Hi, everyone. Akino Roza, here.
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Revenge is sweet. Let’s get going!
-Listening challenge -Monday
OK guys, here is the question.
Q1). What did the woman tell the man?
a). She’ll give him a discount.
b). He should believe what she says.
or c). His girlfriend has a problem.
Here we go.
1). Mmm… this is a fake Picasso, obviously. You were had! I know how you feel. Let’s go have a drink and forget all about it.

obviously 「明らかに・ひと目でわかる」
were had 「だまされた」。 相手の手の内 (周り) に置かれているところから、この意味となります。
ラジオ英会話 2022/4/14 L9 You can have my camera.
have の表す行為
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here. Let’s get started.
Chris McVay here. Looks like the only important thing is … “voice.”
-Words& Phrases
review レビュー、評価記事
be into -, ~に熱中して
kind of (表現を和らげて) ちょっと、少し
on the internet
So, why do you use “on” here?
Well, because we think of the internet as a sort of platform.
Right. And you imagine, right, the platform is a wide, flat space where you can stand on. That’s the image with internet too.
Oh, right.
ラジオ英会話 2022/4/13 L8 We have a new piano in our house!
have の「権利・影響力
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Ah!
What? What was that? Chris.
I just wanted to surprise you, Roza.
That was not a good surprise, Chris.
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here. I guess today’s lesson will be full of surprises.
-Words & Phrases
notice 気づく (自分のアンテナにあっと 引っかかる)
surprise 驚かす 名詞nounで、サプライズ驚き
take out a loan ローンを組む
Go ahead. (命令形で) さあ、どうぞ。
ラジオ英会話 2022/4/12 L7 He will have blond hair and green eyes.
have の基本イメージ
Hey Chris, I have some good news for you.
Oh, great. What’s that?
I’ve lost some weight.
Ah, why is that good news for me?
Ah, you have to carry me when I’m drunk, right? So, that’s why it’s a good news.
Oh, no if you looked it that way …, yeah.
本当かな? I doubt sensei has lost some weight.
Chris McVay here. Look, I’m still recovering from Ohnishi Sensei’s opening, so, let’s carry on.
-Words & Phrases
too bad 残念な
ラジオ英会話 2022/4/11 L6 You can’t make her love you.
make のとるさまざまな形3

Sensei, to be honest, I don’t believe in that kind of stuff. そういうもの。そんな始まり?
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here. Ready for today’s lesson?
Chris McVay here. And I hate to say this… but I have the same opinion as Roza. Very, very rare. But anyway, let’s go with it!
-Words & Phrases
palm reader 手相占い師
say , ~と書いてある
stuff 物事
I’ll tell you what. では、こうしましょうか。
So, could you explain the nuance of “I’ll tell you what.” in this situation?
Sure. Well, you use “I’ll tell you what.” when you… right before you introduce a good offer to the other person.
That’s right. And you know the person’s reluctant. That is, you know, he doesn’t really want to do it, like here,