ラジオ英会話2022/5/9-13 L21-25

ラジオ英会話2022/5/13 L25 Review
Hey, everyone. Ahhh Akino Roza.
Hi, everyone. Chris McVay here. Everyone’s strange this morning. I don’t know what’s happening. Ah. McVay. Hmm. No good.
That was really quiet.
Here is the question. Q1). What will Masaya buy?
a). Colorful paints.
b). Cute dragons.
c). Character socks.
Here we go.
OK. Q2). Which of the following is true?
a). Roxy has a fever.
b). Roxy’s grandpa is more used to Fahrenheit than Celsius.
c). The room temperature is too high for Roxy.
Listen up.
Q3). What advice does the station staff give Casper?
a). To check all his belongings before getting off the train.
b). To always have his passport.
c). To describe his bag in detail.
Listen carefully.

ラジオ英会話2022/5/12 L24 It’ll only take 15 minutes or less if we walk fast.
Chris McVay here. Hmm. That story sounds a bit fishy to me.
Nice one, Chris!
fishy (話)〔話が〕うさんくさい、いんちきくさい、怪しい、眉唾物の
High school students Masaya and Dina. It seems that we will go to Shibuya next to Harajuku.
Harajuku and Shibuya are not so far apart, so it’s good for a walk!
-Words & Phrases
gourmet [guərméi] グルメの、高級な
worth -, 〜の価値がある
feel like ~ing 〜したい気分だ
Well, you know, our textbook is kind of a gourmet language textbook! It’s well worth checking out!
-Grammar and Vocabulary
That was the best hamburger I’ve ever had.

ラジオ英会話2022/5/11 L23 I’ll take your advice.
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here.
Chris McVay here. Look! From now on, I advise you two to think more carefully about the opening to this program, okay?
What’s your sign by the way?
Oh, my sign. Scorpio.
キャスパーと駅員さんが電話で話しています。 列車でなくした財布が出てきたようですよ。 よかった、よかった。
Casper and the station staff are talking on the phone.
It seems that a wallet that was lost on the train came out. It was good.
-Words & Phrases
describe 描写する、 説明する
relief 安心、安堵
belongings 所持品
ラジオ英会話2022/5/10 L22 Let me take your temperature.
Roxy is staying at his grandparents’ house in Oxford, England. She is a little sick.

-Words &Phrases
temperature 体温、温度
boiling (液体が)沸騰して
Fahrenheit [fǽrənhàit] 華氏 (F)
Celsius [sélsiəs] 摂氏 (C、 98.5°F は約 36.94℃)
kind of -, ちょっと
Okay, guys. It’s practice time again. Now you’ve just seen such a wide variety of collocations with this great verb “take.” So let’s look at some of them. But keep in mind the basic image. It’s always “stretching out to get something.”
And remember. Don’t think in Japanese.
ラジオ英会話2022/5/9 L21 I’ll take these.
Hey, everyone. Akino Roza here.
Hi, guys. Chris McVay here. Roza, do you like my colorful socks?
I do. They’re perfectly coordinated with your outfit!
Thank you!
高校生のマサヤとディーナが、 東京の原宿に遊びに来ています。すてきな買い物スポットのようですね。
High school students Masaya and Dina are visiting Harajuku, Tokyo. It looks like a nice shopping spot.
-Words & Phrases
a lot ずいぶん
completely すっかり、まったく
cash register (店舗の)レジ
Harajuku has really changed a lot!
-Feel English Key Sentence
I’ll take these.
Okay, guys. Are you ready to practice? Now the basic image I want you to grasp here is holding out your arm, hold it out, stretch it and grab whatever. So that’s the basic image I want you to feel when we practice.