Unit 11 ” How about you? “で会話を続ける-基本編 4-11
Part4 会話が弾む裏ワザ
答え+1文+ How about you?

1). Where do you live?
2). What have you been doing lately?
3). What do you do?

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1) どこに住んでいますか?
I live in a place called “Gaya-gaya,”
It’s just outside of the center of the city.
How about you?

2) 最近は何をしていますか?
I’ve been taking care of my dog.
She’s just one year old so she has so much energy. How about you?

3) 何の仕事をしていますか?
I work for a small PC company.
I help with accounting.
How about you?

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