英会話 time trial 2019/11/21,28

英会話 time trial 2019/11/21,28

Let’s get started with Day 14 for the month of November.
Hi, everyone. I’m Steve Soresi.
And I’m Jenny Skidmore. Thanks for joining us.

Today is our final step for the skill test. Taiwa Karaoke skill tests advanced.
Let’s have a full conversation over the radio.

Here is the scene for your conversation today.
You’re buying supplies at a supermarket to prepare for the typhoon.
That’s right. A typhoon is expected to hit. So let’s be prepared. You’ll have this conversation with Jenny today.
That’s right. Let’s have an eleven-turn conversation.
Okay. Reply each time. Ready? Start!

炭酸水 carbonated water
あの〜 You know what -.

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