英会話 time trial 2022/4/15 D10

英会話 time trial 2022/4/15 D10 karaoke around the world
Meeting a New Friend at a Park The World
Let’s get started with Day 10 for the month of April.
He is our navigator to the U.K.
Hello, friends. I’m Christiane Brew. I’m really looking forward to have a conversation with you. Today in London.
Off we go.
So, Chrstiane. You’ve been to London, I’m sure.
Yes. Many times. How about you, Steve? Have you been?
Yes, it’s a wonderful city. I really like the parks in London.
Nice me too. I’ll tell you my favorite park in London. It’s near Kings Cross station.
That’s a train station called “Kings Cross” ?
Yes. it’s a big station. So just off the back of the station. There is a small park area, some shops and lots of people, just hanging out and chatting.
Imagine this. You have arrived in London. And today you are at a nice city park.
I met you at the airport. And suddenly I see you again.
So I’ll say, “Hello” and talk about the park and the weather, then I’ll invite you for tea.
Just reply my questions in your own words.
Are you ready? Start.