英会話 time trial 2022/6/23 D14

英会話 time trial 2022/6/23 D14
Let’s get started with Day 14 for the month of June. 
Thanks for joining us.
It’s Thursday. We’ll practice speaking English, making our own sentences.
And replying to some questions in your own words. OK. Let’s get started.
Express, create, reply
First we’ll warm up with this.
-step 1, express
This week in SPR training we learned some phrases.
But can you say them quickly and smoothly.
All right. Let’s build up your SPR.
First let’s try the semi express. Just repeat after me.
It’s a normal speed, semi express.
Off we go!

This looks good.
So, shall we begin?
Go ahead.
Are you sure?
Well, if you insist.
I’ll go ahead and go home.

OK. Did you catch up with me?
It’s time to transfer to a new train, right Jenny?
That’s right. It’s time for the super express.

Off we go.