英会話 time trial 2022/6/24 D15

英会話 time trial 2022/6/24 D15
Let’s get started with Day 15 for the month of June. 
Hello friends, I’m Christiane Brew.
Let’s finish this month up with this.
– Around The World!
Let’s have one more conversation in Liverpool. And today you’re meeting with me after work at a British pub.
That’s right. You’re meeting after work. All right. Let’s check out the scene for today’s Taiwa Karaoke with Christiane.
Imagine this. I’m meeting you at a British pub after work.
I’m sorry, but I’m running late.
After I arrive, let’s eat and talk.
Did you imagine today’s scene?
So try to have a conversation as you enjoy time with me. Your colleague at a British pub.
Ready? Start.

2. Oh. Hi. Sorry! I’m running late. I’m in a rideshare, but the traffic is awful because there is a football match tonight. I’ll be there soon. I’m so sorry about this!
3. Go ahead and order something to eat, OK?
4.Oh, thanks for waiting. I’ll take the train next time. Well… How was your day?