英会話 time trial 2022/8/5 L50

英会話 time trial 2022/8/5 L50
Let’s get started with Day 5 for the month of August.
Thanks for joining us.
10-second challenge Around The World!
And this week’s theme is “the present tense.”
That’s right.
世界中で暮らす人々に問いかけて、 10 秒で答えてもらいます。 今回の質問は、
“Tell me about one possession that you treasure.”
Today we’ll listen to replies from three different people.
And it’s – , so of course, you’ll reply to the same question.
The first person we’ll introduce is Rebecca. She’s in Thailand.
Q). Tell me about one possession that you treasure. Start.
I really treasure my photo albums. I’ve kept pictures of my friends and family and places that I’ve been over many, many years. Anytime I look at my photo albums, it makes me smile.
Oh, I know what Rebecca means. I love photo albums too.
Me too.
It’s my treasure. はあまり通じません。 名詞の treasureは、映画に出てくるような宝箱に入った宝物のイメージ。
I treasure this.
OK. Now let’s check out Rebecca’s reply one more time. Listen closely.
The next person we’ll introduce is Sean. Sean is located in Singapore.
We haven’t heard your ukulele in a long time, Jenny.
Oh, you’re right.
Do you still have it?
Of course. I have a few of them.