英会話 time trial 2022/9/2 D5

英会話 time trial 2022/9/2 D5
Let’s get started with Day 5 for the month of September.
Good day, everyone. I’m Chisholm. Please call me Sorcha. Let’s go to Australia together.
Well, welcome to -. And your name is Sorcha.
That’s right. It’s an Irish name.
Oh, is that right. You have Irish root.
Yes, I do. I have Irish ancestry on my father’s side.
I see. So we have an Irish woman from Australia. But you are originally from where in Australia.
I grew up in Adelaide in south Australia. And went to university in Brisbane. And I also lived in Melbourne for a few years before coming to Tokyo.
Which city is your favorite?
I think my favorite city would have to be Melbourne.
I love Melbourne. I’ve been.
Oh, great.
But so shall we, we’re starting in a different city.
I hope you like Sydney.
I do like Sydney.
Let’s get started.
-Around The World!
Imagine this.
We’re going to Australia. You have arrived in Sydney.
I work at the airport. And I’ll help you enter Australia.
Just show me your certificate including your COVID info.
I’ll ask about vaccine and other things.
So try to have a 9-turn conversation as you
enter Australia. Ready, start.