Part 5-2 日本のものを説明しよう

It’s a traditional Japanese cloth. It’s like a big handkerchief. And people use if for wrapping and carrying things.

1). 浴衣
2). 風鈴
3). こたつ
4). 招き猫
5). 回転寿司
6). 歩行者天国

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1). It’s a kind of kimono. It’s worn in the summer. The material isn’t thick. So it’s good for the hot Japanese summers.

2). It’s like a bell. It hangs on your balcony. When there is a breeze, it makes a nice sound. And you feel cool in the summer.

3). It’s a short table. I has a heater under the table top. And it has a blanket over the table. People put their legs under the table to keep warm.

4). It’s a traditional good luck charm. A lot of stores have it. Shop owners believe the cat’s gesture attracts customers.

5). It’s a kind of sushi bar. It has a special way to order. The sushi goes around on a small conveyor belt. You take the sushi that looks good.

6). It’s a special street. It’s closed to card. So it’s a street for people especially shoppers. It happens on weekends or national holidays.

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