shoot, shot ???

基礎英語2 今日の(21/2/1)でshot 名詞形
For the final shot
I decided to take the shot myself.



Shoot as a verb is the act of shooting “I am going to shoot a rifle.” Shot can also be a verb, the past tense of the act of shooting “yesterday I shot a rifle.”

Shoot as a noun can mean the very beginning of when a plant starts to grow, like a “bean shoot” is very young bean plant. Or it could mean a photograph or filming session, “a film shoot” or “a photo shoot.” Shot as a noun can mean a bullet, or other ammunition “I have one shot left in my gun.” Trying something: “give it a shot!” An inoculation: “I got a flu shot.” It can also mean a drink of liquor from a shot glass: “I had a shot of whiskey.”