Yahagi & Ike’s fun English /#22「じゃんけん」Rock Paper Scissors

矢作とアイクの英会話, Yahagi & Ike’s Fun English / #22「じゃんけん」Rock Paper Scissors

I’d like another drink. Can you get it for me?
No. Why don’t you get it yourself?
OK, let’s decide by playing “Rock Paper Scissors” … You know?
Rock Paper Scissors? OK. If I win, you have to get my drink too.
Bring it on.
Rock. Paper. Scissors.
You lose.
Wait, wait, wait, wait… No, you cheated! Come on, man!
Cheated? You can cheat too! It’s ok!
Hey, come on!
Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Wait, this is going to take forever…
Stop! You lose.
No, no, no!