BBC News Review 2022/8/18 – Long Covid: Three types identified

BBC News Review 2022/8/18 – Long Covid: Three types identified

brain fog 頭にかかったもや
This is a condition when you feel confusion and you can’t think clearly.

More than twelve weeks after contracting Covid-19, millions of people around the world have reported still experiencing symptoms. This is known as long Covid.
Now scientists in the UK have identified three different types of long Covid.

1). The Guardian view on long Covid: an unknown enemy
unknown enemy
something that can harm you, but you don’t know how
That’s the opposite of a friend.

Online bullies are an unknown enemy. You don’t know how they’ll attack you.
Climate change is an unknown enemy. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen.

2). Demand for long covid services rockets as thousands battle the condition
goes up quickly

Prices are rocketing. I can’t afford anything.
Demand for fans has rocketed during the heatwave.
skyrocketing 〔価格などが〕急騰[高騰]する[している],形容詞

3). Ivermection, blood washing, ozone: how long covid survivors are being sold the next round of miracle cures

being sold
being persuaded about an idea that might not be right

I’m being sold the idea I can learn a language in three months.
He tried to sell me the idea the Moon landings were fake.

・I’m sold. : 納得したよ。
・OK. Sold. : よし分かった。
・You will never sell it to anybody. : 誰も乗ってこないよ。
・You’ve sold it to me. : 納得しました。