BBC News Review 2022/9/8 New UK PM: Liz Truss

BBC News Review 2022/9/8 New UK PM: Liz Truss

The story
Liz Truss has taken over from Boris Johnson after winning the ruling Conservative Party leadership election.
Johnson resigned after a series of scandals.
Prime Minister Truss will have to deal with urgent issues, such as the energy crisis.

-Key words and phrases
1). succeeds (succeed) takes over an official position
takes over an official position
Liz Truss has succeeded Boris Johnson as U.K. prime minister.
Prince Charles will succeed the Queen when she dies.
成功する (名詞success) 、引き継ぐ フォーマル 名詞は succession
replace, take over from

2). bagged
got or won something
New PM: How Johnson oyalist Liz Truss bagged the top job in British politics.
She unexpectedly bagged the Oscar for best actress.
He bagged the best seat in the room.
インフォーマル informal, kid of slang

3). storm clouds gathering 黒雲が集まって[群がって]
a sign that something bad is going to happen
Storm clouds already gathering over new PM Liz Truss after narrow win
Storm clouds are gathering as the economic crisis gets worse.
A new strain of Covid means storm clouds are gathering this winter

So according to the headline writer, the clouds are gathering over Liz trust as if it’s going to rain on her,
meaning that difficult times are ahead. Yes she has become prime minister at a challenging time for the UK. There is the energy crisis and a possible economic recession so she does have some big issues to deal with.
Yes, and she herself has used the expression right out the storm. She says she needs to ride out the storm again there that metaphor about storms meaning that difficulttimes are ahead.