BBC Learning English 22/12/4 Prince Harry: Why was he in court? BBC News Review

BBC Learning English 22/12/4 Prince Harry: Why was he in court? BBC News Review
Prince Harry appears at the High Court. Legal proceedings are beginning as Associated Newspapers are accused of illegally gathering private information. Neil and Beth talk about the language around this story so you can talk about it too.

ハリー王子が高等法院に登場。個人情報を違法に収集したとして、Associated Newspapersが訴えられ、法的手続きが始まっています。NeilとBethは、この記事に関する言葉について話しています。

The story
He’s said it’s his ‘life’s work’ to challenge the press…
Now Prince Harry has appeared at the High Court in London to show how serious he is about it.
The Prince, along with other celebrities like Sir Elton John, accuses Associated Newspapers of illegally gathering private information.
The publisher denies all the claims.
王子は、エルトン・ジョン卿のような他の有名人とともに、個人情報を違法に収集したとして、Associated Newspapers社を非難しています。

life’s work – the thing you dedicate your life to achieving because you care so much about it
– Her house was her life’s work. She put a lot of effort into making it look beautiful.
– Writing a musical is Beth’s life’s work. She’s dedicated to it.

Prince Harry clashes with Daily Mail in UK snooping lawsuit.

snooping – looking for private information in a dishonest way
– My brother always snoops around my bedroom looking for things he can tell my parents about.
– The private investigator was snooping on his client’s ex-wife.

Prince Harry shows he is not bluffing in vendetta against Daily Mail owner.
ハリー王子、Daily Mailのオーナーへの復讐でハッタリでないことを示す。

bluffing – threatening to do something you’re not really going to do
– I told my boss I would leave if she didn’t give me a promotion, but I was just bluffing.
– I’ll take that phone away from you for a week if you don’t tidy your room. I’m not bluffing!