23/8/24 This is 英会話-アメリカ人の大学生に英語でインタビューしてみたらスゴかった(英語&日本語字幕付き)

23/8/24 This is 英会話-アメリカ人の大学生に英語でインタビューしてみたらスゴかった(英語&日本語字幕付き)

Hello, “This is Eikaiwa” viewers.
It’s Morgan here.
And today I have received a list of questions from the “This is Eikaiwa” staff.
And I would like to answer them.
So let’s get started.

Where’re you from?
I’m from McKinney, Texas,
which is a small suburb city outside of Dallas Texas.
It’s North of Dallas.
I don’t typically tell people I’m from McKinney.
because not many people know where that’s at.
I just originally say I’m from Dallas.

Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I do.
I have an older brother and I have an older sister.
My brother is two years older than me.
And my sister is four years older than me.
So I am the baby in the family.

What were you like as a kid?
As a child
I was very close to my mon.
I was super cuddly and snuggly
and I just wanted to be held by my mom twenty-four seven.
Um, I was very outgoing and um
I just liked to talk to random strangers
which is what I was told from my mom.
I grew up in a lot of sports.
I pretty much tried out every kind of sport that you could do
and what stuck with me was gymnastics, dance, and tumbling.
um, I mainly was in gymnastics from my whole life
and then I recently switched over to dance, but
I do love both of them.

What did you like to do for fun as a kid?
A fun memory that I have with my family as a child.
we used to live on a golf course and
there were lots of hills in the gold course.
and so when it rained
it would fill up and all the frogs would come out.
We would like to catch bullfrogs and just play around.
in those little ponds on the golf course

What sports do you like?
Right now I’m super invested in dance
because my background from dance
and also I just love watching dance
because it’s very emotional to me and creative
I also love watching gymnastics.
which I also used to do gymnastics
but I think they’re both great sports
and maybe I’m biased
because I was a part of them
and that’s why I love them so much.

What are three songs that you like?
My number one favorite song right now is “Hallucinogenics” by Matt Mason.
My number two is “Over My Head” by Echosmith
and my number three would have to be “Elastic Heart” by Sia.
I have always listened to all three of these songs.
They’re not new.
They’re … maybe all kind of 2000 songs
but I still listen to them every day.

What are your strengths?
I will list my top three that I believe are my strengths.
I believe the first one is my kindness
because kindness takes you so far in life.
My second strength would probably be
I get along with everybody.
Um. I don’t really ever have any issues with people around me
Just ‘ecause I’m super chill.
And then my third one would probably be my loyalty.
I’m very loyal to everybody
especially the people I love.

What are your weaknesses?
There’s one weakness of mine that I can think of
and it is that I get really hangry.
I get angry when I’m hungry.
and so we call it hangry in America and
I… if I don’t get food
my whole personality changes
and then I just become angry and like, gahh!
I don’t know.

What do people say about you?
Two things that I’ve heard
one is that I’m very kind
which goes along with some of the last questions that I think kindness is just one of the most important things in life
and another one would be my stubbornness.
I’m a very stubborn person
um just in generl, I guess.

What foods do you like?
My favorite food is Sushi
I have loved Sushi my entire life
so I think I’d have to go with seafood
as a whole being my favorite kind of food
but I do eat really everything.
I’m not a huge picky eater.

What foods do you dislike?
The only food that I don’t like is either pizza or ..
This is a tough question!
I … Again I’m not very picky
so I think I would eat pizza if I’m really hungry
but I don’t love pizza.

What food are you good at cooking?
The only thing that I can really cook… will technically bake are cookies, cake, cupcakes.
I’m more of a dessert person when it comes to cooking.
But I could cook Mac and Cheese.
I have cooked Mac and Cheese a couple times.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is called “The Croods”.
It’s a cartoon about this caveman family that has to leave their home and chase the sun.

What drama do you like and what is it about?
My favorite Drama TV series is called “The Bachelor”
and it’s about a specific individual who has other individuals there
to find the love of their life
there’s a lot of drama that goes on
because there’s a bunch of women or a bunch of men who are fighting for one person.

What is your favorite TV show and what is it about?
My favorite TV show is called “The 100”.
And it is about a group of criminals who live in space
and they decide to come down to the Earth to see if it is livable, because of radiation.

What actor do you like?
My favorite actor is Adam Sandler.
He is so hilarious. He’s in a lot of different movies and TV shows.
So he is seen around, all over and
many people know who he is in America.

Who is your favorite actress?
My favorite actress is Maria Avgeropoulos.
she is one of the main roles in my favorite TV series “The 100”.

Is there an app you really like?
And what does it do?
My favorite app right now is somewhat new.
It’s called “BeReal”
and you pretty much take a picture of yourself and then whatever is in front of you,
when the timer goes off
and you can react to each other’s BeReals.

What news are you most interested in at the moment?
Sadly I heard some news that there was a mass shooting in Florida yesterday
which was Memorial Day
and it breaks my heart,
I wanted to know a little more about it
so that’s currently the only thing that I’m interested in.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Typically I will wake up and go to the gym with my dad at 5 30 a.m
which is very early.
‘ecause I typically have school that morning
but when I am on summer break
I sleep in a little longer and still most of the time go to the gym
if not, I’ll wake up and just eat breakfast and hang out.

What do you always do before you go to bed at night?
Before I go to bed
I will do my skin care and
most of the time I’ll take a shower and just clean myself
but I love doing skin care and doing a hair routine
so I’ll just use my oils and lotions.

Well today I answered a lot of questions.
I hope you guys had fun.
If there’s any content that you would like to see from me or “This is Eikaiwa”
please let me know in the comments.
Thank you. Bye!