23/9/12 This is 英会話 4分 -リアルな英語で英語脳になるリスニング!アメリカ人女性に英語でインタビュー

23/9/12 This is 英会 -リアルな英語で英語脳になるリスニング!アメリカ人女性に英語でインタビュー

Today I have received a list of questions from the “This is a Kaiwa staff” and I would like to answer them. So let’s get started.
What do you do on your days off?
Now that it’s summer. I am not currently in school and I am only working on the weekends. So, on my days off, I like to go sit at the pool and just be outside because I love the sun.
Do you have any bad habits?
Yes. I have a bad habit of making my room super messy
right after I clean it. And another bad habit I have is
bad habits? Yes. I have a bad habit of making my room. Super messy, right after I clean it.
And another bad habit I have is staying on my phone way too late at night, I get sucked into TickTok and I just I’m on a cycle of repeating watching TickTok every night.
What was the last thing you cracked up laughing at?
The last thing I recall laughing at was I was petting my cat and there’s a certain spot that when you pet my cat
will go.. and like chatter his teeth over and over and over
and it was just really funny to watch.
When was the last time you felt moved?
I was listening to my grandma give a speech on mother’s day,
and it really moved me and hit me in the heart,
and I was just crying listening to her speak. It was just very beautiful.
What was the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently?
The most expensive thing I have gotten recently were probably my earrings that I used, when I got my ears
Um, it was about a hundred dollars, maybe a little over a hundred,
but I usually don’t spend that much in, like, one sitting.
What thing do you want most right now?
I would die to have a boat right now
because all of my friends are on the lake on their boats with their family.
So I would love to have a boat of my own with my family
so that we can go and enjoy a lake day all summer.
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
If I had a million dollars I’m a very generous person,
so I would donate a lot of it and give a lot to people who are needing money
and I would spend the rest of it on clothing and shoes
because I just love shopping. So I definitely go on a shopping spree.
What is something you want to do at least once in your life?
I am wanting to go skydiving.
I wanna jump out of a plane, 30,000 feet in the air.
That’s something that I am going to be doing soon
because it’s been on my mind and my dad actually said he would do it with me.
Who is someone that you respect?
I respect everybody around me every person
because it’s important to respect them, whether you agree with them or disagree them.
But mostly my parents
because they do so much for me.
Who is somebody you would like to meet and what do they do?
I would love to meet Machine Gun Kelly
because I am in love with him.
He is a celebrity and I would just die to have the chance to meet him.
He is a singer. He’s got a lot of popular songs that are on Today’s Hits Radio.
What do you do when you’re with your friends?
When I’m with my friends, we typically go out and will go party
or we will go out to dinner
but we typically like to do things out and about with lots of people.
Well, today, I answered a lot of questions. I hope you guys had fun.
Thank you, bye. This is a Eikaiwa.