23/9/3 This is 英会話 -長文【日常英会話】アメリカ人モデルに英語で質問したら何でも答えてくれた!

23/9/3 This is 英会話 -【日常英会話】アメリカ人モデルに英語で質問したら何でも答えてくれた!

Hello, this is Eikaiwa viewers
Sophia here
and today I have received a list of questions from the staff at “This is Eikaiwa.”
and I’d like to answer them.
So let’s go ahead and get started.
Where are you from?
I’m from the United States and I live in the suburbs of Chicago.
Do you have any siblings?
Yes. I have three siblings.
I have one older sister and two younger brothers.
What were you like as a kid I was really playful, independent, adventurous.
A lot of times I was playing with my siblings.
We played a lot of different types of games.
We were always coming up with something new
or we all love to play video games and still do, so we would do that pretty often.
What kind of sports or other activities did you do as a kid?
As a kid I did a lot of different types of sports.
I kind of bounced around.
I played a little bit of soccer when I was really young.
My dad actually used to be the coach.
And eventually I got into diving in high school.
What did you like to do for fun as a kid?
We played a lot of games.
We would play video games.
I love to play “The Sims 3.”
We would also play board games
and sometimes we would play dress-up.
Just tons of different types of games we’d come up with.
We had a play set in the backyard as well, um,so
we love to be on the swing set.
We would play music and swing on the swing set for hours.
Were you in any clubs in junior high if so which ones?
I don’t believe I joined any clubs in junior high.
What sports do you like?
Depends on if we’re talking about watching sports or playing sports.
I can play almost pretty much any sport at a very beginner level so
I.. I like just playing anything.
Watching sports
I really enjoyed watching the World Cup.
That was just on this year.
I don’t really enjoy football.
but I also enjoy watching the Olympics when it comes on.
What are three songs you like?
Now this is a hard one just to pick three
because my music taste changes just a lot
depending on my mood and how I’m feeling
if I’m getting sick of music
just depends.
But if I had to pick
right now I would have to say karma by Taylor Swift
Car Radio by 21 Pilots
I would have to say uh, Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift as well.
What are your strengths?
I would say that my strengths would have to be that I’m very hardworking
and when I put my mind to something
I am going to get it done and I’m gonna do it right.
I have a very good wor,.. work ethic
so I will make sure that I’m there, I’m on time, um, all of that.
I.. I I’m very good at working.
What are your weaknesses?
I would have to say that I am very forgetful sometimes
especially when I have a lot going on.
and since I do so many different things
a lot of times in my brain
they’re just jumbled around sometimes
and so I just lose track of stuff sometimes and
that can cause problems
in terms of work and school and whatever else I’m doing in my life.
What do people say about you?
That’s kind of a hard question.
because I’m not sure that they say it in front of my face
but I would agree.
I think they would agree with me that
some of my strengths are that I’m very hardworking.
I think that they would say that I’m kind.
I’m typically kind of a happy energy.
I try to bring happiness into the room wherever I go in
being positive and things like that.
I think positivity is um..
a huge game changer just in life
and so I tried to project that to other people
so I think sometimes people see that in me.
Um.. so yeah.
What type of food do you like?
Uh, that’s a great question.
I love food and I very much enjoy all kinds of food.
All kinds of ethnic foods
I like Italian food, Mexican food.
Um, I like American food.
I like Chinese. Thai food, pretty much a wide range
Um, but my favorite food would probably be like pasta maybe.
What foods do you dislike?
Well. I don’t dislike a lot of food.
One food I really don’t like is fish.
I won’t usually eat any type of fish
and it’s usually just the texture and smell for me.
I just can’t get past it.
I have tried it a lot of times and I still don’t like it.
But other than that
I like a lot of stuff.
I just don’t
like, for example
I like pizza, but
I don’t like a lot of different toppings on it.
I usually just like cheese.
So I don’t like pepperoni and things like that.
How often do you eat out?
I try not to eat out too much
because of course it’s expensive.
So when I’m at home.
Usually I only eat out if I’m gonna go have lunch with my friends.
So probably maybe three times a week.
What food are you good at cooking?
I am pretty good at cooking almost every type of food.
Usually I can just get a recipe from the internet and
I can just make anything.
doesn’t always turn out like amazing
but it’s usually pretty good.
So, pretty much anything.
Are you careful about what you eat?
I’m definitely mindful about what I eat,
but I don’t particularly like the dieting culture and things like that.
So I do like to let myself have junk food sometimes when I feel like it
and eat what I want when I feel like it sometimes
but I also know that you have to eat it in moderation
not eating too much of that food.
What movie do you like and what is it about?
I would have to say my favorite movie is the Harry Potter series.
Uh, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan
and it is about a young wizard
who attends a wizarding school for Wizards and Witches
and it’s about his journey through that school and
there’s also like an evil wizard that he’s kind of battling throughout the whole series.
What drama do you like and what is it about?
I think a drama recently that I really have enjoyed is called Worki’ Moms
and it is about a group of moms
who are navigating life with children and jobs and family
and kind of just showing like
the real life of being a mom and
you know, juggling all of that.
What actor do you like?
I would have to say I really like Ryan Reynolds
particularly in his role as Deadpool.
I don’t really know him from too many other shows
so if you’ve seen Deadpool then you know what I’m talking about
but he’s pretty funny
he’s pretty good looking and
he’s a good actor
What actress do you like?
My favorite actress is definitely Margot Robbie.
She played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.
She played Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey
and she’s playing Barbie in the new Barbie movie
and I love her.
I think she’s amazing
and is so so talented at what she does.

I answered a lot of questions today.
I hope you had fun.
Well, see you soon. Bye!