Yahagi & Ike’s fun English /#28「カバンをなくした」 Lost bag

矢作とアイクの英会話, Yahagi & Ike’s Fun English
#28「カバンをなくした」 Lost bag

I think I lost my bag…
Did you see it anywhere?
No, I haven’t.
Oh, no!
I must have left it on the train.
On the train? Was there anything inside your bag something important?
My wallet… my laptop…
You left your wallet inside your bag?
Yeah! Such a bummer. 最悪だ
I had about $1,000, plus my credit cards, driver’s license, ATM cards…
We should call the police.
You’re right.
I blew it.
By the way, did you know they made a new hamburger shop by the station.
Your wallet!
Yeah, my what it is gone for sure. But I really want you to try the hamburger shop. It’s very good.
Why are you talking about hamburgers?
No pain. No gain.