Yahagi & Ike’s fun English /#45「お土産」Souvenir

矢作とアイクの英会話, Yahagi & Ike’s Fun English / #45「お土産」Souvenir

If you were to give your family one Japanese souvenir, what would it be?
That’s a hard one. There are so many useful things in Japan.
I’ve been in Japan for so long, everything seems so natural to me.
Oh, I got one. A Japanese Washlet. You can only get it in Japan so my family would totally love it.
The Japanese Washlet is useful, but I think you should choose something more interesting. Something more… creative.
Hmm… well then, I’ll talk to my family about you. My family would have a blast listening to stories about you. have a blast -. とても楽しい経験をする[時間を過ごす
I’m flattered.
When i’m with you, I never get bored. So I’ll use our stories as a souvenir to my family.
Thanks. But I think you have a wrong idea. I’m talking about an actual object. An item!
You’re a hard person to please.
It’s not about that.
An item! Item!