2022/7/7 Floods hit Sydney – BBC News Review

Floods hit Sydney – BBC News Review
deluge, new normal, far from

1). Australia floods: 50,000 on evacuation alert after deluge hits Sydney.
deluge [déljuːdʒ] 大洪水、大氾濫
heavy and sudden fall of rain; large number of tasks at the same time
A very heavy fall of rain in a short period
And the fact it’s a bit formal, is probably because of if French and Latin origin.

The storms brought a deluge.
After my holiday, I have a deluge of emails.
a deluge of emails, a deluge of work

動詞 verb で
You can “be deluged by something.”
It means you’ve got too much of something to do.
I’m deluged. I’ve got too much to do.

2). Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia’s most populous state.
new normal ニューノーマル
Thjis is an expression which became popular during the Covid pandemic lockdowns.
Poeple stopped doing things they considered normal before the pandemic.
Things like meeting family and friends, working in an office, travelling. But all that changed.
That was the old normal.
Yeah, and in the new normal office workers had to work from home.
You couldn’t meet up with friends and family. You couldn’t really travel. People had to, many people still have to, wear a mask – that became the new normal.

Unfortunately for Sydney, it seems floods are the new normal.

new way of doing things that is different from the old way
Working from home became the new normal because of Covid.
Extreme weather is the new normal.

3). Shydney floods ‘far from over’ as 50,000 face evacation.
far from 決して~ではない
not at all
Home schooling during Covid was far from ideal.
The film was far from perfect but still entertaining.