3 Most Annoying Grammar Mistakes in English #Shorts

3 Most Annoying Grammar Mistakes in English #

Top grammar mistake
Its instead of it’s
It’s raining today.
We can also say, “It is raining today.”
Its as one word that means a possessive. 所有格 〜の
I have a cat. Its fur is really soft.
Next mistake
Fewer is when we can count things. 可算、数えられる
I have fewer T-shirts than you do.
But we use less with uncountable nouns. 不可算名詞
I need less flour for this recipe. 小麦粉
Because I cannot flour, because it’s too small
it would take ages. 数えるのに長時間がかかる。
The next mistake using adjectives instead of adverbs 副詞の代わりに形容詞
whenever you’re describing an action
whenever you’re describing a verb
you use an adverb
It has ly at the end
let’s walk quietly.