Yahagi & Ike’s fun English / 2021/10/23 自己紹介英文をアイク先生が添削します!【Q&A】

矢作とアイクの英会話 2021/10/23 自己紹介英文をアイク先生が添削します!【Q&A】

Hello! Did you lose wight?
No. But, thank you.

Thank you for reading my profile
I’m -., 25 years old.
I work for a IT company in Nagoya.
Let’s chat and grab lunch / dinner after would be great, drinking together would be perfect.

profile の発音

I work for an IT company

It would be great if we could chat and grab lunch or dinner.
It would perfect if we could drink together.

after の後ろに 名詞

Let’s have fun together.
Let’s enjoy drinking together.

Hello! I’m Sakaguchi.
I love being in nature.
I’m looking for someone to enjoy camping and traveling with.
Please contact me if you like.
No pressure.